Adina Falling (Threads of Fate) by Melissa Brodsky


AdinaFalling_72This is a great erotica with paranormals. However, it reads more like a prequel to the whole series and it cannot stand on its own as one story. It mainly serves as an introduction to all the key players and the mystery of disappearing paranormals, which may lead to the enslavement and eradication of supernatural beings by humans.


The story introduces Adina, a brewing conflict against vampires, and her crazy ex-husband. Her two love interests comes at the last few pages. I love the intrigue and mystery surrounding one of her love interests. Adina never actually meets him until the last page, but we get snippets of the amount of influence and relations that this unknown character has. This is really well done. The other love interest is a total surprise for me.


There are many F/M and F/F sex scenes. This girl goes all out and we do get a pretty good sense of the paranormal hierarchy with vampires on the top and the norm in this society. And the norm is plenty of sex, few restrictions for vampires, and everyone loves to party. There are also fae and vampire relationships. Fae blood is addicting for vampires and a popular vampire drug contains fae blood. It is interesting to see how a fae and vampire can be in an equal relationship. I’m hesitant to call this a paranormal romance because the romance doesn’t come in until probably the sequel.


Even though it has a cliffhanger ending, the story is fast paced and the build up of mystery and suspense is wonderfully done in the breaks from the erotica. I look forward the sequel.

Reviewed by Schan