Mate of the Alpha by Marie Mason



This is a baby novella about a hot alpha wolf shifter claiming his mate. Lily feels the attraction from Ethan but she is insecure with her body. When she is under a random attack from rogue shifters,
Ethan comes to her rescue. This is a fast paced short story that will make you keep your eyes on the pages despite its short length.
The back story on Lily is consistent and builds up as the story progresses. In contrast, not much is known about Ethan. Also, I really want some secondary characters in this story to give another perspective on Lily and Ethan’s characters. It seems like they are the only two people that exist in the world and it makes it hard to form an opinion and broaden the scope on the relationship.
There is no world-building. They work in an office and do boring tasks. I don’t know the shifter structure, if there’s any. He’s the alpha but where’s his pack? What does alpha mean in this world? It’s implied that wolf shifters without mates get turned into rogue shifters, but I’m not sure and it’s not clear in the story. If there’s a sequel, this is a good place to build on.
Overall, it’s a short, fast paced shifter story that has all the typical mates, alpha males, love at first sight, etc. themes that are common in this genre. If you like shifter romances, you should give this book a try.
Reviewed by Schan