#WereEVENT – Character Interview with Aubert Marston & Corrine Fontaine from Loup-Garou For You by Katalina Leon


Paranormal Cravings: Today we’re interviewing Aubert Marston and Corrine Fontaine from Katalina Leon’s newest paranormal erotic-romance “Loup-Garou For You”. First can the two of you share your personal specs, what sort of shifters are you?


Aubert Marston: I’d be happy to answer that question Miss Iris. First, I better make it clear that I’m speaking to you from the Louisiana plantation country of 1834, so please bear with me. I’m twenty-seven years old and I’m the orphan son and last surviving male descendent from the noble lineage of Sir Marston d’Roland—a French knight in the service of King Charlemagne. In build, I’m a big fellow, at least a hand taller than anyone else on my sugarcane plantation. I’ve got dark hair that I wear pulled back in a queue, hazel eyes and dimple chin, just like my late father. I inherited the Marston dimple along with a few other distinctive traits, which I’ll flesh out in greater detail in a moment.


Corrine Fontaine: Hello Miss Iris, it’s lovely to be here especially on such an auspicious holiday. I hope I won’t sound like I’m boasting because it’s just a fact that my ancestors were ancient royalty descended from a long line of powerful sorceresses stretching back to the reign of the Egyptian pharaohs. My people have always traded on our skills with magic and our blood ties with the wolf clan. Halloween or Samhain is our most sacred day so I consider visiting with Paranormal Cravings on Halloween a real treat. I’ll start with the physical facts. I’m a twenty-year old, shape-shifting Loup-Garou Cajun Queen, and I mean Queen in the literal sense. I’m responsible for a whole slew of Cajun Loup-Garou who expects me to be a fair leader in good times and bad. I would say that my coppery red hair is probably my most flattering feature, but most folks would describe me as plump, plain and petite. Aubert thinks I’m beautiful but my mate scent might be affecting his judgment in that department. If there’s a stunner in this family it’s my handsome Aubert.


Paranormal Cravings: So exactly what sort of shifters are you?


Aubert Marston: We’re wolf-shifters, but it’s a little more complicated than that. How should I explain it honey?


Corrine Fontaine: We’re Loup-Garou, some call our kind werewolves and we do indeed share a common bloodline with the wolves that dates back to the dawn of human history. My family rose to power in the east, millennia ago, under the cult of Anubis, and traveled west with the crusades.


Aubert Marston: There’s that other matter too.


Corrine Fontaine: Aubert and I are also dual souls, which means we experience vivid memories of our past lives. We are the reincarnated souls of one of King Charlemagne’s most trusted knights, Roland d’ Marston, and I was his secret wife, a French-Saracen sorceress named Corinthia.


Aubert Marston: Corinthia the sorceress was a busy little bee wasn’t she.


Corrine Fontaine: You got that right sugar. In those days the French court was still steeped in the Dark Age. As Corinthia I was busy shaping the future, building a dynasty and protecting my kinfolk from slaughter on the battlefield or persecution in a Christian court. Back then the accusation of witchcraft was a death sentence. I can’t and won’t apologize for the enchantments I cast. I also couldn’t allow Roland to be found guilty by association, so I did what I had to do. The binding magic I worked on him was strong enough to save Roland’s life on the battlefield and keep our love alive for a thousand years. That was some damn good sorcery, don’t you think? Okay, that was a boast.


Paranormal Cravings: How did the two of you meet?


Aubert Marston: I actually “met” Corrine’s delicious scent and heard the sweet sound of her voice through a locked door long before I ever saw her. Her scent alone triggered so much in me and I just knew I was going to love her once we were alone together face to face.


Corrine Fontaine: And even at that first face-to–face meeting, I didn’t allow Aubert to see me.


Paranormal Cravings: If you were face-to-face how did Aubert not see you?


Corrine Fontaine: I was sneaky. Don’t forget I’m a sorceress too. I waited until Aubert fell asleep crept up on him, blindfolded him and tied him to the bedposts with enchanted manacles that have been used for hundreds of years by my kin to restrain feral Loup-Garou. Once I had Aubert under control I was free to undress him, kiss him, drive him wild and basically tease the hell out of him, but it was all for a good reason.


Paranormal Cravings: Blindfolding attractive men and tying them to the bedposts sounds like a good idea but what was your reasoning?


Aubert Marston: I’ll answer this question. Corrine showed me that even in a situation where I wanted to be free it was best for me to submit to Corrine. You see it was the eve of my twenty-seventh birthday, the day when every man in the Marston bloodline either makes a successful shift to Loup-Garou or perishes trying. I was beginning to experience full-blown lycanthropy and all the terror that losing human reason can bring. I was expecting the worst. I thought I’d become a raging monster, harm the people closest to me and be slaughtered like a rabid animal. Corrine proved to me that I could control myself even in the most provoking situations. She tamed me and showed me the gifts of being Loup-Garou. Corrine’s love was the light at the end of the tunnel that I aimed my heart toward.


Paranormal Cravings: What was one of your favorite experiences that you shared in Loup-Garou For You?


Corrine Fontaine: After waiting for several years to approach Aubert, I loved being able to get close and reveal myself to him little by little. His overwhelming reaction to me was all I could have hoped for and more.


Aubert Marston: I’ll have to say making my first shift with Corrine at my side to help was a highlight. It wasn’t easy, the pain was horrific, but the freedom I felt after shifting to Loup-Garou and chasing Corrine throughout the bayou as a wolf was pure joy.


Paranormal Cravings: Tell us a little about the world you exist in.


Corrine: Our story is set in 1834 Louisiana and the 8th century French Pyrenees but technically we live in Ms. Leon’s Voodoo Bayou book series from Ellora’s Cave. “Loup-Garou For You” is a stand-alone book but it shares a few common characters with “Sugar Roux Voodoo”, which is the tale of a “Beneficent” Voodoo priestess who uses love-magic to save the life of a Buccaneer dandy who’s been turned into a zombie by an evil soul-swapper, named Mister Payne. Mister Payne and the gullible Miss Marietta make an appearance in “Loup-Garou For You” at the Marston Plantation Harvest Ball. Several characters are introduced in our story that will reappear in the next books, to battle for their souls against Mister Payne, but we’ll save those details for another day. I just want everyone to know there’s more enchantment and bayou mischief to come. Here’s a hint: One of those poor wallflowers at the Harvest Ball is going to get her own shocking story and you just won’t believe what’s going to happen to her.


Paranormal Cravings: We’re looking forward to that and glad you visited with us today.


Aubert and Corrine: Thank you so much for hosting us. Happy Halloween everyone!


Katalina Leon “Loup-Garou For You” available now.

Ellora’s Cave: http://www.ellorascave.com/loup-garou-for-you.html