#bookcover design: The ultimate running guide by J.M. Parker



The ultimate running guide by J.M. Parker

Are you a mother who recently had a baby and wants to get into shape, or back into shape?

Any mother who has recently had a baby, or is expecting to deliver in the near future and desires to keep her pre-baby shape (or get into shape for the first time) will find everything she needs in this book.

The Ultimate Running Guide for New Mothers will be your tour guide to getting back to your pre-pregnancy fitness level. The easy to follow diet and exercise plan will fast-track you to post-partum success in as little as 6 weeks!

Popular running book Author J.M. Parker has specifically designed this plan for new mothers. The diet is doable and the 6-week exercise plan is perfect for any new mother to be able to follow.

Never worry about having to say “I just had a baby.” Instead, look forward to people saying “You don’t look like you just had a baby!”


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