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An Interview with Stalkson Grey (THE ORDER OF THE BLACK SWAN by Victoria Danann)

An Interview with Stalkson Grey


Victoria: First, thank you for agreeing to the interview. I know this is not your favorite sort of thing. Let me take just a moment to make sure your readers are on the same page, so to speak.


Stalkson Grey, is a werewolf who first appeared in The Order of the Black Swan serial saga in Book Two, The Witch’s Dream. His character, as king of the Elk Mountain, Idaho werewolf tribe, was arrogant and more or less insufferable.


Grey: Now just a minute!


Victoria: He turns up again in Book Four, Moonlight, and gives a rousing performance as my somewhat loosely associated version of Red Riding Hood’s big bad wolf.


Now then. Grey, I understand congratulations are in order. The elders named you king of the new northern werewolf colony in Lunark dimension.


Grey: (He nodded.)


Victoria: Forgive me for being blunt, but I thought you didn’t want to be king, too much responsibility and all that.


Grey: I didn’t. I don’t. It just turns out that I hate being told what to do more than I hate having the responsibility for everybody’s welfare.


Victoria: I see. So how is it going? I see you’re looking rather casual.


Grey: (Glanced down at his pants. He was shirtless and wearing the same soft doeskin pants that Deliverance favored.) Yes. (Smiled.) We don’t have many functions that require waistcoats.


Victoria: Waistcoats. No. I suppose not. Those pants look a lot like what Deliverance wears. And didn’t I hear that you named the new colony Deliverance?


Grey: Yes.


Victoria: Yes? Just yes?


Grey: The demon hooked me up with the pants. The new colony is named Deliverance.


Victoria: Okay. Shall we assume the colony was named for the demon?


Grey: Assume whatever you like.

Victoria: Come on. Work with me a little here.


Grey: All right. I named it Deliverance partly because the demon brought us here, partly because we were delivered from years of worry and misconception about extinction of our species, partly because of the reality of being delivered from the cancerous, avaricious behavior of the humans, and partly because the migration was my delivery into a new life. Like being born again.


Victoria: (It took me a minute to absorb all that.) Wow.


Grey: (He rolled one shoulder in a graceful, athletic shrug.)


Victoria: So how’s Luna? It can’t be easy to be a new wife and adjust to life on a frontier at the same time.


Grey: (He blinded me with a boyish grin that made him look like he was in his early twenties.) Happy. Pregnant. With twins! (He chuckled.) She tells everybody that Lunark Dimension was named after her. She’s well-liked by the other human mates and her skills as healer, well, we needed them. She’s teaching the others.


Victoria: (I couldn’t help but smile at that.) That’s nice, Grey. I’m glad it’s working out for both of you. When are the babies due?


Grey: Mid-winter. We’ll make it work.


Victoria: Do you want girls or boys?


Grey: (He grinned again.) Girls.



by Victoria Danann


Once upon a time a girl traveled so far from home that she found herself in another world where heroes, elves, vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, fae, berserkers, and psychics became her friends and family. She learned that there’s a place where adventure intersects fairytales and that true love can find you in the strangest places, when you’re least expecting it, even when you’re far, far from home

Black Swan started out as an experimental project. It’s an ongoing story about an unlikely community of close knit relationships presented in novel-length installments. Because each installment begins where the last ended, they must be read in order.

On December 8th, the box set including never before released Book Six, A Tale of Two Kingdoms, will be available for one week for a special introductory price of $0.99. PREORDER at Smashwords, B&N and Apple starting mid November. Look for it under Black Swan Collected Tales.





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    Luna is one VERY lucky human!!! I just love Stalkson Grey!!! So...so...WOLFEY!!! (Yummy! Yummy!!!)
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    Haven't read any in this series but after listening to Grey, it sounds interesting. Z
    • Karin Vaughan Sedor
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      This is the best series that I have every read. I recommend them to everyone I know. You will definitely enjoy them.
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    This is the best series ever!! I love all the books and Stalkson Grey is my favorite. Love a werewolf!!
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    This is a Bangin interview, wish it was longer, Victoria Danann has such COOL friends and I am so glad she shares them and their stories with us!
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    A wonderful interview - Congrats to Stalkson & Luna! Love this series!
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    I love this series! You are, by far, one of the best writers around today. Thank for your talent and the Black Swan Series. I am prone toward werewolves, so I enjoy the interview with Stalkson.
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    Loved the interview, wish it was longer. Victoria Danann has such COOL friends and I am so grateful that she shares them and their stories with us!
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    Signed Book Covers!!!! How awesome - I love this series so much. Great interview with Stalkson Grey....so glad he's doing well in his new home.
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    This is a great interview, wish it was longer. VICTORIA DANANN has such COOL friends and I am so glad she shares them and their stories with us!
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