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All Hallows Eve Indies Tour with Eve Langlais (with GA)


Scary Movies

Movies that freaked EVE out the most as a teenager.

1. When a Stranger Calls (1979, the original!)scary-movie

2. The Shining (King is a master of scary)

3. Arachnaphobia (hairy spiders are just WRONG!)

4. Paranormal Activity (gives me goosebumps)

5. The Hills Have Eyes (ever since this movie, I can’t drive through the boonies and not have an urge to lock my doors lol)

6. The Omen (the original- because that kid is just plain creepy)

7. Friday The 13th (classic)

8. Halloween (another teenage classic)

9. Poltergeist (kids mixed with ghosts are freaky)

10. Any movies with killer dolls. (just creeps me out lol)

11. Children Of The Corn (those kids are spooky)

12. The Exorcist (original – love possession movies)

13. Alien (because it’s just plain awesome!)

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Comment below! What is your scariest movie all times? (WITH EMAIL SO WE CAN CONTACT YOU!)


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  1. Jessica Hale
    Jessica Hale October 20, 09:05
    The grudge for me, the movie didn't completely freak me out but the noise did, so since i promised my best friend to see the second i spent the whole time covering my ears
  2. Lani
    Lani October 20, 09:45
    My scariest movie would have to be Candyman. That just freaked me out. I hate movies out in the boonies too, like Wrong Turn (#1). Thanks for the giveaway!
  3. Alisha
    Alisha October 20, 14:08
    House on Haunted Hill
  4. Jen B
    Jen B October 20, 14:31
    I'm not a fan of scary movies but when I was a kid chitty chitty bang bang scared me to death. No, not the child catcher, I never made it that far, the part where grandpa arrives in Vulgaria. (I was probably too young to be watching it at the time).
  5. Sarah: Haikufall
    Sarah: Haikufall October 20, 15:08
    I have to go with a classic and say the The Shining: Its a well made movie with a great cast and is slightly based on a real place, so that adds to the scare factor.
  6. suzlyne
    suzlyne October 20, 15:12
    I loved all the movies on your list except Paranormal Activity only because I haven't seen it. The movie that freaked me out the most was The Entity. Hubby and I went to see it shortly after we moved into our first house as newly weds. I could not sleep that night because I heard EVERY creak that house made and just knew something was going to come after me. LOL!!! suz2(at)cox(dot)net
  7. Sue Sattler
    Sue Sattler October 20, 16:38
    The Exorcist still freaks me out, of course the book scared me more than the movie did, but it's the only scary movie I won't watch when I'm alone. :D
  8. gamistress66
    gamistress66 October 20, 17:52
    I believe the last horror movie I watched was called happy birthday to me when I was a teen. I don't care for the blood/gore of modern horror movies, much rather watch a thriller/suspense that will make me jump from nerves
  9. Crystal Guidroz
    Crystal Guidroz October 20, 19:19
    Saw really freaks me out because there really are crazy sadistic people in this word like that!
  10. Deni
    Deni October 20, 19:29
    The scarriest movie for me is Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, I stopped TV before the end... I was 10y.o. then, but still shiver when remember it. 2-nd place for killer dolls. And from the books: when I read Stephen King's Salem's Lot I was afraid of looking outside from the windows at home at night :)
  11. vampedchik
    vampedchik October 20, 20:27
    Thats a hard question for me because I love horror movies. I seriously was watching them when I was 2. They dont scare me so I dont know. But I guess like the Exorcist. The movie itself didnt bother me but when you acutally think about the subject matter then that scares me.
  12. Renee
    Renee October 21, 00:47
    This is hard. The movies that scared me most did so when I was young and more easily freaked out making them super memorable to this day. It's a toss up between The Exorcist, Poltergeist and Salem's Lot. If I absolutely had to choose, I'd pick The Exorcist (but I'll never forget the scenes with the terrifying clown doll in the boy's bedroom in Poltergeist!)
  13. Kate Schultz (@tashtashie)
    Kate Schultz (@tashtashie) October 21, 04:26
    The Ring! scared me silly and still does if I think about it
  14. angieia
    angieia October 21, 14:24
    I don't usually watch scary movies. I did watch Cujo this weekend and I remember being really scared when I saw that for the first time.
  15. Mandy P
    Mandy P October 22, 12:54
    I can't handle scary movies but the ones that gave me nightmares were Silence of the Lambs and Dead Calm. Even better was the fact that I had to watch them repeatedly in high school as part of my Media Studies class and the genre was horror. Yeah, would have thought twice about signing up for that class if i'd realised before hand!!!
  16. bn100
    bn100 October 23, 03:24
    silence of the lambs
  17. Rae
    Rae October 24, 02:20
    The scariest movie for me ever, as a teen and as an adult, is The Exorcist. I had to scroll fast so I wouldnt keep seeing the pic above! lol.
  18. calithiliel
    calithiliel October 27, 17:27
    I'm not a fan of scary movies because I literally have nightmares but if ever it would be Insidious 2 and the Eye

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