Warlord’s Mercy (Barbarian Claims #4) by Cynthia Sax (18+)

2370005003725A new Sci-Fi novella releases August 14 at Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419948183
Prize: $4.45


Warlord’s Mercy

Cynthia Sax


Book 4 of the Barbarian Claims series.

Tolui, a clone of a powerful Warlord, is a male without a homeland or a future. He’s doomed to never mate, and ruthlessly wages war, seeking to give his clone brothers a planet system to call their own, a place where they can live without persecution.

When Tolui crashes on a deserted planet and meets a small human female, he discovers everything he knows about clones is a lie. Lea, his destined mate, unleashes the passion he’s suppressed over his lifetime. He wants her. He needs her. He’ll do anything to bond with her.

But he won’t share her. Tolui’s greatest battle will be the fight for Lea’s heart. To win her love, he’ll face hundreds of his clone brothers, men who look exactly like him.

A Romantica® futuristic erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


There are four stories in total in this series. There is one story for each Warlord brother and a fourth and final story with Tolui, the clone-loving baddie.

The first story, Warlord’s Bounty (Khan and Zeta), has released.
The second story, Warlord Unarmed (Murad and Gale), has released.
The third story, Warlord Reunited (Berke and Elle), has released.
This is the fourth story (Tolui and Lea).

All of the Warlords and their gerels appear in Warlord’s Mercy.


About this author

Cynthia Sax lives in a world where demons aren’t all bad, angels aren’t all good, and magic happens every single day. Although her heroes may not always say, “I love you,” they will do anything for the women they love. They live passionately. They fight fiercely. They love the same women forever.

Cynthia has loved the same wonderful man forever. Her supportive hubby offers himself up to the joys and pains of research. He receives a daily briefing on what every character is doing. You can also learn what Cynthia Sax’s characters are doing by visiting her website at www.CynthiaSax.com

I love writing fated to mate romances because this is my personal experience with love. I fell in love with my dear wonderful hubby at first sight and 20 years later, we’re still very much in love. This is what I wish for my characters and for my readers.