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aa575137d13ffdceedc88756_180x280THE GAME MAKERS

My publisher and I are releasing an erotic e-serial this winter called The Professional—1st in the Game Maker Series—about a former prize-fighter turned mafia enforcer whose obsession for the boss’s long-lost daughter will take them to the darkest limits of their desires. The three parts will be bound into a paperback version in the spring.
For a more information, click here.
And for the Hollywood Reporter write-up, click here.
After much speculation, I can confirm that the next IAD couple is . . .
Look for more info on this installment in the upcoming months. Tentative publication date is next spring (2014).
Only 11 days left! Out of the 22+ books I’ve written, I think this one is tied for first, and early feedback has been incredible. Watch for the spectacular trailer, coming next Tues!
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