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Concrete Moon (#1 Concrete Moon series) by F.H. Booth (YA Paranormal Fantasy)


****4.5 stars!****

One of the main problems with short stories today (at least from my experience, which is pretty dang experienced, FYI) is the inability of the author to create characters that the reader can learn to love in such a short number of pages.

This book is 33 pages long.  33 PAGES. Yet I care. I care more about the characters in this itty-bitty tidbit of a story than those in some of the full-length novels I’ve read before.

Concrete Moon pulls you into action right from the prologue, and holds firmly you all the way to the last page. The characters are really likeable (I love Jack), and I love how even in the scenes that aren’t action-filled, I’m still firmly engrossed in the story.

Everything unfolds relatively quickly, and the plotline is solid and interesting. The ending leaves you with questions, and  a curiousity to see where the subtle alluding hints of romance will lead in book 2. I love the mystery of the Keepers and I’m eager to learn more about them. It amazes me that the author managed to get the amount of plot detail that she did into such a low amount of pages.

My only gripe is that the grammar and punctuation sucks, or this could have easily been five stars. I just kept stumbling over misused commas,  run-on sentences and things like that. The writing style itself was good enough to get the job done, however, with a bit of work and more experience, the author could easily perfect both the grammar and writing, and Concrete Moon could truly be an amazing short story.

All in all,

A great short story with and interesting plot, likeable characters, and dash of epic action! Though it has quite a few grammatical and word-building errors, I would still definitely reccomend it for anyone in search of a engrossing story quick enough to read in one sitting, but good enough to make a lasting impression.




Schermafbeelding 2013-09-28 om 23.12.25Concrete Moon (#1 Concrete Moon series)
by F.H. Booth

(YA Paranormal Fantasy)

It’s winter in Paris, and Ashlyn Knightly has a feeling she is being followed.
Her best friend is nervous and the couple at the dining table
across the room keep watching her.
As the night continues, Ashlyn is pulled into a secretive world of the
Hunters and the mysterious Keepers and soon realizes she is the one
that holds the key to everything the Keepers have been searching for.


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