The Serial and Audiobook Revolution by Amanda Meuwissen


Schermafbeelding 2013-07-29 om 15.47.18Many of you probably know that Charles Dickens was a serial writer—he wrote in installments, much the same way we think of comics or television shows. We are also all aware that audio has been on the rise for books and podfics, as listening during a commute to work or while doing other tasks is often much easier than picking up a book or eReader these days. is a young, online indie publisher looking to revolutionize publishing using those two ideas: serialization and audio. They publish stories chapter by chapter (or episode by episode, as they refer to it) on their website first, just like a television network but in written and audio format. Each series is presented in seasons of 12 episodes at a time, wrapping up as needed to finish the story. Many then go on to be compiled into paperbacks, eBooks, and audiobooks for traditional publication.


I began with BWN by submitting my novella The Collector, which ran with the website and is now available for purchase at the site and on Amazon. I formed a close relationship with the CEO, as I had started with the company during its first months, and am now the Managing Editor, overseeing series selection and the editing process for others.


It’s amazing how rewarding it is to help others realize their creative visions, whether with new authors publishing their first stories, or with seasoned veterans looking for a new outlet. Running my newest novel Incubus (Book 1 in The Incubus Saga) with the site was a natural progression, as it is my dearest creation to date, and being able to record an audiobook appealed to my old actor sensibilities; though if I had wanted an outside narrator, I had that option.  The Collector was narrator by the very talented Blaise Douros ( allowed me to have a detailed hand in the creation of my books, just as I would have had if I self-published, but without having to learn and fuss over the typesetting on my own, or seek outside cover art assistance. Everything was done for me, with my input as the final say, until I was happy with the final product. And wow, am I happy with how it all turned out, and how the story will progress as I write Book 2 and 3 of The Incubus Saga with BWN as well.


Having a publisher willing to accept all types of fiction and non-fiction, in all ratings and genres, is important when there aren’t always options for GLBT writers like myself. I can’t imagine Incubus having been brought to life anywhere else, without audio, or without the adventure of serialization.


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