Cover design for: Breaking the Ice (A Young Adult Novel) by A.B. Douglas


(A Young Adult Novel)


Breaking the Ice
by A.B. Douglas

High school seniors Carly and Samantha are teammates, but they’re opposites in almost every way. The only thing strong, independent Carly cares about is getting a college hockey scholarship that will put her on the road to the Olympics, while Samantha’s life and faith revolve around her handsome, basketball-star boyfriend.

As their friendship grows, they influence each other in ways they didn’t expect. Sam draws out a more vulnerable side of Carly and through the friendship, Carly gets to know the first boy who seems to be interested in more than her hockey skills. Through Carly, Sam learns to approach the world around her with more character and courage.

Neither girl could have imagined how much they would need each other—and God—when their dreams start slipping away. And as the two girls attempt to navigate the stormy waters of betrayal and rejection, both are forced to dig deep inside themselves. Together, they discover what lies on the other side of surrender.

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Cover design by: Iris Hunter (Paranormal Cravings)