Cover Reveal: Affairs of the Dead by A.J. Locke




Cover Design by Iris Hunter (Paranormal Cravings)

Affairs of the Dead by A.J. Locke

Necromancer Selene Vanream helps ghosts settle their affairs so they can fade to the afterlife. However, after her rule breaking methods of helping her clients lands her in trouble, she’s downgraded to tracking ghosts who hide out, since ghosts that linger too long become murderous beasties. And here Selene thought having an affair with the boss would get her out of trouble, not into it.

While tracking, Selene finds Ethan, a ghost who claims he was kicked out of his body and someone else jumped in. Reanimation, the power to resurrect the dead using souls of the living, would be the most likely explanation if only it added up to how Ethan became a ghost. What’s worse, partnered with Micah — a one night stand who turned hostile after –, Selene investigates brutal murders that turn out to be linked to Ethan.

When an unforeseen complication with Ethan arises and puts Selene’s life in danger, she suddenly has very personal reasons to get his body back. Throw in a shifting relationship with Micah and a suddenly possessive boss, and Selene will learn just how much trouble you can get into when you don’t follow the rules

Chapter One

 I was in a strip club trying to help a ghost get laid, which was challenging but not impossible. It was just extremely taxing on the necromancer extraordinaire (me) who had to channel energy into the ghost to make her corporeal enough to entice one of the stripper boys. Technically what I was doing was illegal, but it was my job to help ghosts settle their affairs so they could move on to eternally ever after, and Julia’s unfinished business was that she’d died a virgin. I’d made it as easy as I could for her by starting at a strip club; if she couldn’t get some here, I wasn’t sure how much lower I could scrape the barrel.

Julia’s prolonged virginity was an enigma to me, even though she told me that she’d been waiting for her soul mate. I just didn’t understand why that meant she couldn’t hit up a bar; get drunk; and have a fun, regret-filled weekend that included the walk of shame. At least she’d have been in better shape once Soul Mate came around.

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