Review: Wild Invitation by Nalini Singh


[img_reflect_left src=””]Are you still waiting for  to be released in june? Nalini has made it easier for you by releasing Wild Invitation. Wild Invitation  gives you your fix for your Psy – Changeling cravings!

Wild Invitation is an fantastic anthology. I browse regularly on the Nalini’s website and blog posts to see if their have been posted new free reads or a peak preview for one of her books. So I’am already familiar with two of the stories from this anthology. But never less I really enjoyed them and loved to read them again. This anthology contains 4 stories.  2 stories from the DarkRiver Den and 2 stories from the SnowDancer Den(Psy-Changeling 0.5- Beat of Temptation, 3.5 – Stroke of Enticement, 9.5 – Declaration of Courtship and  Psy-Changeling 10.5 – Texture of Intimacy).


Beat of Temptation

This story is about Tamsyn the pack healer of DarkRiver. Gives us a little inside information about a character who made a couple of appearances in the Psy-Changeling books. Tamsyn and Nathan are always described as the loving children with their twins. In Beat of Temptation  we get to read how they became a couple.

Tamsyn  has always had a place in her heart for Nathan, a blooded DarkRiver sentinel. But is she ready for the fierce demands of the mating bond?

Stroke of Enticement

The O-so Sexy Zach who have set his eys on the young teacher of his nefew. Annie is skeptical about love after witnessing the marriage of her mother and father. But arousel winnes. Zach must now prove his affections are true and let her now he never lets her go.

Declaration of Courtship (NEW)

This is a new story and never before released as short story or as free read on Nalin’s site. A DECLARATION OF COURTSHIP is a short story about Grace, a shy submissive wolf from the SnowDancer Den. Being a submissive wolf she kind of expected to find a not to dominant mate. But what she gets is really the opposite. Nalini has come up with the hot and sizzling Cooper. Grace finds herself pursued by the last man she ever would have imagined. He like to teach her where her claws are and how he likes her to use them on him 🙂 DECLARATION OF COURTSHIP one of the best short stories ever written bij Nalini Singh.

Texture of Intimacy (NEW)

Second story about the SnowDancer Den. Another healer story just as the first story from this anthology. If you have wondered how it is with Laura and Walker from KISS OF SNOW here is your chance. I loved to read how  this happily mated couple is doing after the KISS OF SNOW story. Lara discovers the searing joys—and unexpected challenges—of being mated to quiet, powerful Walker, a man used to keeping his silence.

I highly recommend you read this book before you going to start with .. Nalini Singh gives you a sneak preview to possible future pairing such as Tai and Evie. Nalini Singh is absolute one of the best authors of her Genre and one of my favorites. I don’t think she can do anything wrong. even if she would write about the Dens playing Hide an Seek all day I would still love it 🙂