Review: Mine to Chase by Laurann Dohner


It is snowing over here and with the long winter knights I thought I tell you about a book of one of my favorite authors. So If your ready… sitting with your feet up on the couch before the fire-place with a nice glass of wine and looking for a Hot Shifter book to read, I have one right here! 

Laurann Dohner has always a soft spot on my book shelf. Especially the New Species series and Cyborg Seduction series but also with her new stand-alone book  MINE TO CHASE, she is on top of her game!

Mine to Chase by Laurann Dohner

Theme: shifters, werewolf, vampires

ISBN 9781419944758
Book Length Novella
Publisher Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc.

MINE TO CHASE is a fantastic short shifter novella (77 pages) from Laurann Dohner. Laurann has written again a hot and thrilling story. Doesn’t matter whose the hero or uber alfa is, she always making you drool and falling in love with her hard headed book characters. If you whant to or not!

For such a short story she nows just how to put the right amount of tension, setting, world building and hot scenes in to her books without making it to cramped or shallow. And although this is a stand alone, with just the right type of voice, her voice, Laurann is puts this book right in the middle of her addicting series, like it belongs there. Very impressing!

One of the main characters, Jasmine met the guy of her dreams a while back but lost track without the chance to give it a shot. She’s spent a year filled with fantasies and soul-deep yearning for that one man who rejected her. Now a year later she finds her self locked away in kind of closet in a dark hole. She is kidnapped by a madman who is a rogue vampire that like to make her a midnight snack. Just when she thinks her life is over she is being rescued by no less the same hot man who rejected her a year ago! When Chase finds Jasmine in that dark hole kidnapped by that madman he almost looses it. He had to do everything to stay away from her when he met he, now he finds out he could have lost her in the hands of this madman.

The hot-blooded shifter/werewolf man has made himself walk away from her ones. But not now…. He is keeping her!

Just like each book from Laurann Dohner is wish this Novella was just a little longer. But maybe that is just also attraction. Stopping when it is the best, without losing the attention of the reader. I recommend it to all erotic shifter readers/fans!

4 Stars 4starreview

*Review Copy provided by publisher


On my WANT-to-read list:

I’m still desperately waiting for book #10 of the New Species series calles MOON.
Expected publication date somewhere in 2013.