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Review: Hunting Daylight by Piper Maitland (with giveaway)

15812144Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

“This month (February), Piper Maitland returns with the hot follow-up novel to Acquainted with the Night, HUNTING DAYLIGHT (Berkley Mass Market Original; February 5, 2013; $9.99). Complete with vampires, a jet-setting heroine and her daughter on the run, an ancient prophecy, and sexy romance, it’s a thrilling, suspenseful ride from start to finish.” 

Hunting Daylight picks up right where Maitland’s previous book Acquainted With the Night, from last year left us. Hunting Daylight keeps you in the edge of your seat. Right at the beginning Piper Maitland takes you on a dangerous trip deep in to the thrilling world full with vampires and the mad obsession of one dark and dangerous man.

To take care of his family, the young vampire Jude Barrett decides to take this job in the rain forest. When Jude disappears and is presumed dead, Caro his wife together with their daughter turn to their vampire friend Raphael to help them.

The sexy Raphael is ready to step in as protector of Caro and her daughter Vivi. Trying to keep his secret and feelings he has for Caro for decades. Does he really believe that being close to Caro and being there when she needs his is enough for him?

Piper Maitland has written and fantastic books with great world building with strong emotions and characters. Hunting Daylight is fast paced, full of twists, romantic events and surprises that just like the obsession of the dangerous villain in the book this book will became your obsession. To good to stop!

There where some parts or rather say chapters I thought where a little to stretched and with the many events in this big book, it felt sometimes like being on a Roller Coaster that just did one ride to many because there where not enough people waiting in line for the next ride!?! Sometimes enough is enough and it is ready to continue the main threat of the story line.

This said, the last part of the book made it all better. I can only hope for next installment.

In short: [quote]”A woman in a dangerous world full of vampires and the obsession of one dark and dangerous man. Hunting Daylight is thrilling and engaging, a well-written novel filled with all the right paranormal beings, action, love, loss and sacrifices.“[/quote]

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Happy reading!
**** Four stars

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