Review: The Fallen King (The Bellum Sisters) by T.A. Grey


[img_reflect_left src=””] When you have lost the love of your life, have been betrayed by your brother and almost killed by your mother. Then your not in one of the best moods you can think off. Alrik “The Fallen King” had to find a solution to get rid off his mother. After seeing a seer, there is only one solution! The human Abbigail Krenshaw.

Abbigail Krenshaw is supposed to be the key to saving The Fallen King , by killing his mother. How in hell does she supposed to do that? Yes she is human, small and breakable compared to the demons living in this strange realm where her sexy king brought her, eeeh Kitnap! With her siren blood flowing in her, she is determent to concur Alrik’s heart and together with that, save his life!

T.A. Grey has written a really original story. All paranormal books do like to sound a bit alike the last months but I really think this one is refreshing. The Siren and Fallen King combination is a good mix to read about in this loverly story The Fallen King.

The characters are strong and well described. And combined with the world building and his paranormal habitants, fast paced action scenes and hot elements between the main couple. I think this is a great fourth book for this fantastic Series.

The Fallen King is now about Abbigail one of the four sisters. This is the fourth book of  The Bellum Sisters Series. I am very curious if this series will continue or id this is the last book of this fantastic series.

REVIEW RATING:  3 1/2 – 4 stars