Review: Sophronia and the Vampire by Jacqueline Farrell (WITH GA TILL JAN 18TH)


[img_reflect_left src=””]Jacqueline Farrell  has again written an lovely Urban Fantasy called Sophronia and the Vampire.  This novel is about a Forty-nine, English woman, Sophronia that has earned over the years the title crone where I believe she is actually proud off.  After the dead of her husband she started touring America and is forced to spend the night in a crappy road Motel on the Californian Coast. There she meets the owner, a juvenile witch who need help. Sophronia can’t do anything else than help her even if this will set her in the spotlight of people she is desperate outrun. 

Sophronia and the Vampire is no your average Paranormal book certainly not a romance. But it is an exciting read full of witched and vampires all settled in a great story full with great characters, world building and fast paced action scenes. Like Sophronia and the Vampire is not a typical paranormal romance so is Sophronia not your typical character/witch. For instance she has reached her a certain age being forty-nine. Not that, that is a problem for her because it is not stopping her to kick some ass and save the people around her.

I had a little bit of a problem in the beginning. I don’t know if it was the writing or the design/formatting or the e-copy but I had a lot of trouble finding out who said what and who was speaking. There where also some parts that just lacked the spice of the story, some spelling errors,unnecessary fillers. And without the snarky comments of Sophronia, (what by the way a terrible name is to read so many times) I doubt I would have pulled it though, some where between the beginning and the middle to finish this book.

Sophronia has made that up, Jacqueline Farrell has made up a fantastic character. The book really became interesting when a master vampire Hagan cam in to the picture. Hagan is used to immediate obedience and that is just the thing Sophronia is not giving him. Slowly there is a feeling of a connection between Sophronia and Hagan and you can see him grow in to someone more human and less master like. In Sophronia eyes anyway.

Although there is not one single kiss, romance, love or sexual contents. I had a little hope for Sophronia and Hagan at the end of the book. So I coudn’t resist when I had a character interview with Jacqueline Farrell last week to ask her if there is a future between Sophronia and Hagan. Jacqueline Farrell said she thought Sophronia was to old for a romantical thing between Sophronia and Hagan. Thats’s to bad because the only thing this book was missing was a little sexual tension and I would have liked to know how that story would have continued.

I don’t know if there will be a second book, but I hope the humor will be back and also that there will be a little bit of extra in it. Because just in this tempo and setting how this book is written I don’t think a lot of readers will be able to hold on a whole series. So I  be waiting patiently and hopeful for a second book about  Sophronia and Hagan!



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