Review: Journey of the Princess of Ice by LaVerne Thompson



 What happens when fire meets ice?

Ice, one of the last one of the ice elements is traveling for hundreds of years, to find one of her kind. She never stays on one place for a long time because as soon as the staying to long in one town the temperature drops to a frightening freeze. Until she comes across this strange town with special wards that protects the town and its strange paranormal habitants and so also against her elemental frost!

So what could it hurt to just stay in one town for a few days? She had to move so many times, didn’t she deserve a little brake? In the pub of that town she meets a hot man. Not just any man but one that can make even her elemental cold body turn warm. To bad it’s the son of the fire demon that destroyed her home world.

Two opposites, Cold and Hot. Ice and Arch are pulled to each other like magnets. How can they be at tame time so different. Time will find out. LaVerne Thompson has written a great original story. I specially likes the characters. I have a real weak spot for Ice, with her fur coat with hood, with skimpy outfit underneath to protect te people around her against her frost. She really didn’t expect for Arch to be able to touch her. And when he does. What a fire work it is … Yum!

LaVerne Thompson takes you on a roller coaster of emotions, this story has everything you are looking in a paranormal/urban fantasy romance. The paranormal beings  like the elementals but there in her pub she also meets vampires and humans. There is the right amount of actions, betrayal and of course the steamy scenes between Ice and Arch! Although I have to admit that the “we are meant to be together for always” was a bit to soon and way to easy accepted, to make this a 4 star read. But all with all wrapped up it is a easy read that will get you hooked in to this amazing adventure.

Journey of the Princess of Ice is the first book I have read by LaVerne Thompson, but I sure like to read more.

The Cover 
The cover is a little to much hippy style for my taste. I now people jutge a book first by it’s cover and I don’t know if this cover, covers the story between Ice and Arch. Like the blue and read highlight just like the characters in the story, but still there could have been more paranormal elements and maybe a more sexy pose ??

Judge for yourself, let me know what you think of  Journey of the Princess of Ice by LaVerne Thompson 



About this author

LaVerne Thompson is the mother of a senior in high school and a freshman in college, a wife, a former intellectual property attorney, a multi-published best-selling author of contemporary, fantasy, and sci/fi sensual romances and avid reader of same.

Her stories are available from Amazon, All Romance E-books, Barnes and Noble, Fictionwise, Smashwords as well as her publishers. She also writes romantic suspense under the pen name Ursula Sinclair for Decadent Publishing. Visit her at she also hangs out at the interactive character storytelling site