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Revealing the cover for PSY/CHANGELING BOOK #12 – HEART OF OBSIDIAN by Nalini singh

JUNE 2013
Cover Art: Tony Mauro
Hand Lettering: Ron Zinn
Jacket Design: George Long (Art Director)

Who is this on the cover ?? What are your theories about Nalini Singh’s new book?

Don’t forget the free chapter on nalini’s site.


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  1. Olabisi Cat
    Olabisi Cat March 19, 17:14
    I hope it's Vasic or Aden. Preferably Vasic.
    • Olabisi Cat
      Olabisi Cat March 19, 17:18
      Oh, I take it back. It's Ghost!
      • Olabisi Cat
        Olabisi Cat March 19, 17:21
        Or it might be the priest....oh boy!

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