Stone Warrior from Warrior Unbound by Amy Ruttan



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Stone Warrior from Warrior Unbound by Amy Ruttan

Name: I could not remember. I am known as the Warrior, but recently I chose a name, but names are powerful and I only choose to share it with certain people, no matter what the author is saying to me. I will not divulge it.
Occupation: I am a guardian, keeping water demons from invading our world.
Species: Human
Speaks: An ancient dialect of Ashinaabe and English.
Age: I am not sure. I believe I am at least three hundred years old.
Height: I am taller than most of you modern humans. I asked my mate, Hattie. She measured me. I am six foot three.
Hair Color: It was black and long. I cut it to blend in.
Eyes: Yes. I do have them.
Identifying physical marks: I now possess a large scar in the middle of my torso. My mate describes me as “dreamy”. I will never understand you modern day people.

Day or Night: Day. I have been entombed in darkness for too long.
Single or Taken: Taken. *evil grin*
Cat or Dog: You have domesticated cats and dogs? I suppose I would choose a wolf. A wolf was my totem in my mortal life.
Gun or Knife: Knife. It is more sporting.
Upper body or Lower body: The entire body, only if it belongs to my mate.
Blond or Dark: Red.
Two legs or Four legs: *Looks down at his feet* Two. What else would you expect?
Down town or Nature: Nature. I do not like cities.
Love or Sex: I am a man, so I will say sex, but my mate’s love freed me.
Bacon and eggs or Pancakes: Both. I’ve been asleep, encased in stone for hundreds of years, I’m ravenous.
Lips or Neck: Neck.
Dead or Alive: Alive.

“Why don’t you come home with me?” Hattie asked.
“I’ve never left this island.”
Hattie looked around. “Well, you can’t really stay here. You have no shelter, no food and someone is bound to notice a giant, gorgeous, naked man wandering around a protected reserve.”
He cocked an eyebrow. “A what?”
“No one lives on these islands. They’re a provincial park and a bit of a tourist attraction.”
“I still do not comprehend what you are trying to convey.”
Hattie sighed and then grinned. “You sound like Spock.”


Anything else noteworthy: I do enjoy your modern day food, especially Chef Boyardee, when heated. When it’s cold it tastes like offal.
Book Description: Hattie isn’t the best medicine woman in her order, but when an ancient evil threatens to escape, she’s the only one available to perform the spell to wake the great stone warrior from his slumber. Problem is, she’s not sure if she really believes in it, especially since the key component of the spell is her soul-shattering orgasm. 
When the Warrior is summoned once again he is pleasantly surprised by the medicine woman who has called him, and has no problem giving her the pleasure she needs to complete the banishment spell, but something goes wrong. He still remains in the mortal realm instead of returning to stone. To make matters worse, he remembers nothing except the taste of the medicine woman on his lips.
They have two weeks before the new moon to fulfill the prophecy and they spend every moment wrapped up in each other, lost in passion. But time is ticking and there’s a price to pay for saving the world–one that may turn her stone Warrior to dust.



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