Nice to meet you Xander! from The Keeper of the Key by Debra Smith

“Honour is everything, trust is earned, and Love is a just a wish, that never comes true.”

Name: Xander Devros
Occupation: Ex Emperial Gaurd
Species: Vampire
Speaks: English
Age: 367 years, 8 months, and 12 days, but who’s counting?
Height: 6’ 4”
Hair Color: Black
Eyes: Blue
Indentifying physical marks: 
Just then, a devastatingly handsome man sauntered out of what had to be the bathroom, given his state of undress. He was wearing a towel slung low around his hips, revealing the chiseled V of his stomach. The way he stalked into the room reminded her of a jungle cat. Deadly. Silent. Sexy. He held an arrogant confidence that rushed like ocean waves to caress her skin—dangerous and tempting. Tingling tips of her fingers begged for a touch and for the first time, she was jealous of a piece of cloth. She continued her unabashed stare. 
Moisture dusted his tanned skin like dew in the early morning. His shoulders and chest were thick with muscle, and his nipples were pierced. A drop of water fell from his wet hair, trickled down his chest and over his abs. Kate swallowed, her mouth suddenly dry. He was a hunter, and that was what she would call him..

Day or Night, Night better to hunt.
Single or Taken Doesn’t matter either way, they will be mine.
Cat or Dog Neither, cats are too demanding and dogs run away…
Gun or Knife Guns are too loud, and Knives serve a purpose when I need to be silent.
Upper body or Lower body  Lower
Blond or Dark Either
Two legs or Four legs Two
Downtown or Nature DownTown
Love or Sex Who needs love when sex is just as good.
Bacon and eggs or Pancakes All at the same time
Lips or Neck I like my lips on her neck.
Dead or Alive Dead
Book Description: Kate, an everyday book store owner, is thrown into a world of danger after receiving a letter from her deceased husband. She follows the clues into the arms of Xander, a tough guy she can’t stop herself from responding to. Her body ignites from a single glance, and she is unable to control her passions. Despite her love they are doomed to fail, because a human can never survive a vampire’s hunger.

Xander admires the fiery temper of the seductive human he’s determined to help follow the dangerous trail her dead husband sent her on, ending in the mythical land of Shangri La. In an effort to save her, Xander bonds them together, sentencing her to death unless he can undo the blood tie. Though he craves her touch, he’s forced to push her away while they battle their way to the chaos at the heart of Shangri La. Can he protect her from her family’s secrets and find a way to be together, or will their love be lost in the pits of a crumbling castle?

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