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Name: Conner Davis
Occupation: Unemployed
Species: Ghost of Man
Speaks: Foul-mouthed English
Age: Born April 20, 1972 Died December 24, 1999; Aged 27 years
Height: 5’ 10”
Hair Color: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Identifying physical marks: 
Small scars on left forearm, Born to Rock tattoo right forearm.

Day or Night: Night, the day is for sleeping, night is for rocking outSingle or Taken:  Single, but looking for lady ghost willing to travelCat or Dog: Cat, because they are only animals able to see ghosts

Gun or Knife: Knife, guns kill people

Upper body or Lower body: Upper body, it’s in control of the lower

Blond or Dark: Blond, I’ve always been a sucker for a blond

Two legs or Four legs: Four legs, poking out from under the covers

Downtown or Nature: Down town, you can’t rock out in the woods

Love or Sex: Love, I am a bad boy, but a romantic bad boy at heart

Bacon and eggs or Pancakes: Pancakes, that’s only reason for syrup

Lips or Neck: Lips, especially when they are smiling at me

Dead or Alive: Alive, being a ghost is not as fun as it seems

A few quick quotes: Don’t do drugs! People born round don’t die square. 

Anything else noteworthy: Conner wrote the prologue and epilogue for Dead Heart. 

Questions we asked Conner Davis from Dead Heart
Q: For those readers who may not know you, please tell them a few tidbits about yourself? 
A: I think I am a better person as a ghost. When I was alive, I never called my family. I mean I should have called at least once in a while, or wrote a letter and the longer I went without contact the easier it became to put it off until next time. It was never intentional, I just kind of got busy; you know how it is. But I would give anything to talk to them again. 
Q: What did you do before the story began?
A: Since my death, I have made it my duty to make sure the main character knew how I felt about him letting me die. Everyday, I called him murderer. I never wanted to be a ghost, I wanted to live.
Q: What is your favorite part/memory?
A: I loved the ending; it makes me cry every time. I never thought things would turn out the way things did, and then to have everything change again, I can’t help but spill some big ghost-tears. So yes, even though I am a ghost, I can still cry ghost-tears, but it is a manly cry.
Q: If you and a lucky lady would go on a date, where would it be and why?
A: If it was payday, I would take the lucky lady to Burger King. Not just any Burger King, the good Burger King. I never had enough money to go anywhere special.  
Q: What are your favorite weapons? 
A: My friend Haley Mathers is my favorite weapon. She is a very special little girl ghost that has special powers, and I have seen only a fraction of what she is capable of. She can shoot lightening from her fingertips faster than a gun.
Q: What/who would you never want to come across again?
A: The Dead Heart Phenomenon, a medical condition that has changed the lives of two people I care about. Since it rarely happens, and it is over so fast, we don’t know much about it. Unfortunately, I expect this medical condition to remain an unexplained phenomenon for a long time. 
Q: If you could have a re-match. With who would that be?
A: That is a tough question, because these days I don’t have very many regrets. I guess a bad answer would be my music career when I was alive. There was a time when I was all about the music and the gigs were still paying, but I think if I had stayed sober, I could have made it big. Being an artist is a job and not just about the good times, and I never really treated it that way, I wish someone would have told me.
Q: How do you see your future?
A: I see myself as a ghost until I fade out. I don’t think I will be a ghost forever. It all has to do with the love that The Beatles referred to. The love you make really is the love you take. When that love is gone, we fade away, but I don’t want to think about that. 
Q: Do you have to tell anything else noteworthy?
A: Every ghost knows there is something special going on at Paranormal Cravings. We cannot explain it, but it does not change the fact that we are all drawn to it like lost ships to a lighthouse in the fog. When you need anything paranormal, we will be there, waiting for you in the stories posted there, watching out for you. 




  • Print Length: 259 pages
  • Publisher: 48fourteen (August 30, 2012)
  • ASIN: B0094GZ3W6


Publication Date: August 30, 2012

Would you give someone your own beating heart so they may live?

That is the question Doctor Paul Vieyra will have to ask himself as his world comes crashing down around him, and the ghost of those who died on his operating table haunt his mind.When Dr. Vieyra sister’s heart begins to fail and her life fade away, a new heart or surgery are her only chances for survival—a chance no doctor is willing to take. Dr. Vieyra will risk everything he has and more for his sister. He will need the help of both old and new friends along with his mental ghosts if he is going to overcome the incredible obstacles that stand in his way.

The clock is ticking. Will he be able to save his sister’s dead heart? What is he willing to risk?



R.L. King was born in Grants Pass, Oregon, in 1978. King grew up in a poor mountain town. He and his family lived in an old school bus and shared an outhouse. They did not have a television until Reagan was re-elected.
King is the author of Two Bad Men (2005), Parallel You (2006), and Dead Heart (2007). These novels were created at the request of his friend who needed something good to read. King also published two short stories in 2010, for publishing credentials: The Tell-Tale Soul and The Water-Grave Redemption.
R.L. King currently resides in Oklahoma City, and works in the precious metals industry. He continues to write as late as he can most nights.

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