Review: Transforming Love by Debra Smith


A Koning Clan Novel 1

Jenny never expected her thirst for freedom to lead to her capture. Family secrets prevent her from running from the only man tempting enough to make her submit to her body’s desires.

Gryph is dark, sexy, and determined to win Jenny in the Slag, a contest revered by his kind. As the leader of his Clan he’s used to getting his way, until her. Can he give Jenny her freedom while winning her heart?

My Thoughts
Wow what a hot read! This story is only 65 pages (on my ipad) but it is full of action, sexual tention and lots of hot scenes! So this makes it the perfect for when you’re in the mood for a scorching hot shifter read!

For a book with this amount of pages the world building is excellent, not to rushed at all and enough key characters that you can foresee getting their own hot story. Debra Smith has written an excellent and captuating story that leaves you wanting more.

The characters have a lot of depth, I specially liked the main character Jenny, The heroine! She is a lost shifter female among males who are trying to win her hand in marriage. She is feisty, brave and knows how to fight for herself. Gryph is an alpha male as big as you can read about them, he is very possessive, sexy and don’t forget dominating. We al love a He-man Alpha who let his woman knows what he wants 🙂 I was so in to the relation between Jenny and Gryph that I couldn’t put this book down. I really had to finish it!

I recommended Transforming Love by Debra Smith for all erotic shifter lovers who like their Alpha as a REAL Alpha! I will look forward to read more by Debra Smith!

Beware, graphic with lots of hot scens!!

Happy reading!

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About Debra:

Why I write

I was never one of the people in high school that knew what they wanted to do in life. I was lost. I had things I enjoyed but never felt passionate about. The love of animals, travel, art, and creative writing seemed impossible to combine. So I drifted trying to find the thing that ignited a fire in my heart. Then not long ago I decided to finally tell everyone about the lives of the people in my head. Sounds completely crazy I know, but they felt real to me and much like the heroines of my stories I decided to fight for them. The moment I got “the call” (early in the morning) I literally jumped on the bed disturbing my still sleeping husband. I couldn’t stop saying the words, “I sold my first book!” over and over.