Q&A with GA: Blood Memory by Rosalind Hartmann


Today I have author Rosalind Hartmann here to chat about her new book,  Blood Memory.

Q: Ok, I had no idea you even wrote, Roz. When did you start?

A: In 1989 my older brother graduated high school and my Navy father moved my mother and I to Oak Harbor, Washington State. I was 16, and with most teenagers, I was lonely. For kicks I took a Creative Writing class, and much to my surprise, people liked what I wro

te. It was therapeutic, helping with that teenage angst, but the fact that people laughed in the right places was addicting.

Q: Did you create this entire world by yourself?A: No. Originally the characters were part of a role playing board I created with a handful of other authors from my Art/Lit message board www.theangrycrayon.com My characters are entirely mine, and any reference to other characters I might have role played have been completely changed. I would have never been able to create this world without the ladies at www.sanguineaffliction.com – that is for damn sure.

Q: Where is the city in Blood Memory: Book 1?

A: I never actually refer to the city’s name at any point of the story. The physical location was based off of Baltimore, MD ie, an eastern seaboard metropolis.

Q:  How long have you been writing about these characters?

A:  Simon Huntington is one of the first characters I created for the rp board.  This was right in the beginning of the vampire fad, before the hysteria of Twilight, etc.  I’m actually not a huge paranormal fiction fan at all.  I read more mystery and science fiction mixed with action.  My father got me hooked on fantasy/scifi as a kid, but I cut my teeth on Stephen King (who hasn’t) back in high school.  So when the other ladies and I sat down to create an RP world, vampires seemed to be the most popular choice.  We didn’t add werewolves until about a year or two later.

Q:  Do you have a preference between the two species?

A:  I think I lean more toward the werewolves.  The Pipers and their collective personalities are by far my most favorite to write.  It started with 1 man (Iov Hammerthynn) and it just grew to the Piper squad and all their little issues, intricacies, and passions.

Q:  What is the difference between your vampires and the popular fanged variety you see in the mainstream?

A:  I suppose mine are less romanticized.  I rarely write about them feeding, actually.  I concentrate more on their immortal abilities and problems, rather than their need for blood to survive.  I enjoy writing about how the world is constantly being shaped by their existence – how Duibne Industries is constantly striving to integrate vampires seamlessly into the human world, with medical advances for humans being a by-product.  I love me some smut, don’t get me wrong, and I have and will continue to write mature scenes with my characters, but the storyline and character development is not centered around feeding or sex, for that matter.  Although sex is good. =D

Q:  What took you so long to want to publish your first book?

A:  I write for myself.  And my Portland, OR Bff, actually.  It’s taking a lot to actually sit down and show everyone what’s in my head.  I think the storyline and characters are amazing, but I know there will be people who will nitpick the shit out of what I hold dear.  I’m also turning 39 the end of November.  It’s either shit or get off the pot.  So to speak.

Blood Memory by Rosalind Hartmann
Available on Amazon.com

Two rival species come together to search for answers to the Blood Memory that has been passed down to all Hammerthynn and Jameson werewolves, the Alpha’s Pipers. Vampires Simon Huntington and his partner Ellis Duban are the subject of this memory of intense betrayal and deception, yet no one has any recollection of what they did – not the werewolves or the vampires.
Vivienne Sena is part of the Alpha’s core of Pipers led by her mate and secret lover Commander Brig Jameson. Taking up an offer from Simon to delve deeper into the blood memory, they travel to Ireland to speak to her adoptive father, Elder of the Hammerthynns, Vigo Hammerthynn, who is also the father of the pack’s Beta, Iov Hammerthynn, cousin to Brig.
With only a name, Vivienne and Simon leave for Siberia as the Piper compound in Ireland is besieged by unknown assailants and wiped out. Proof of an inner conspiracy is revealed and the race to capture Vivienne, now being blamed for the attack, begins with her lover leading the pack.


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It was silver and red striped Lineage 1000 private jet that was sitting just outside the private hanger doors. Upon climbing into the corporate sized jet, you’re instantly reminded of stepping into a luxury home with the circular seats for the crew rest section and two-sided galley able to prepare hot meals and cold beverages, the flows into five separates sections for passenger comfort. Throughout the aircraft are carefully delineated sections that feel like separate rooms and even came with a queen-sized bed in the back with a walk in closet and storage.


“Really?” Viv said her tone incredulous. Turning back she looked at Simon who came up behind her and sat down on one of the captain chairs across from the ten-foot long one-armed couch. “Really.”


“Really-really,” Simon replied with a smile. He held a hand out to the couch when the pilot came in and let them know they were ready to leave. “Let’s go then.”


Vivienne kicked off her heels and settled down onto the couch, tucking her legs up underneath her. Simon sat comfortably with his legs relaxed as he felt the plane begin to taxi out to the runway. Vivienne changed her mind and went to the captain’s chair across from Simon and buckled up. The interior of the aircraft contrasted nicely with Vivienne’s black dress and brown skin. The upholstery was a creamy tan with darker brown trim and mahogany accents. Lighting was subtle and windows with UV filtering to prevent unfortunate mishaps for the sun sensitive variety. Vivienne looked uncomfortable surrounded by the wealth.


“There’ll be a car waiting for us when we get to Donegal.”


Vivienne had been looking around the cabin, taking in all the details and rubbing her hands on the soft material of the chair. She looked at him, surprised, “Us? You plan on coming with me into the heart of the two families that hate you and want to kill you on sight? I can go by myself.”


Simon chewed his bottom lip and nodded. He had no desire to test the fine line he was walking, putting himself so close to god knows how many of them. Still, he was interested to see the area.


“Where, exactly, are you going to be?”


“Glenveagh National Park.”


Simon nodded, “That makes sense, I suppose. Somewhere close to civilization but far enough away that any missing persons can be chalked up to wild animals.”


“We don’t eat people.”


Now he was intrigued, “That’s not what werewolf lore suggests.”


Vivienne rolled her eyes and settled into the chair as the plane began gathering speed for its take off. “Don’t believe everything you read.”


“Have you ever eaten human?” The plane’s engines roared as it lifted the tip of the aircraft’s nose and pushed into the sky.


“No,” was all she said.


“How about vampire?”


Vivienne gave him a strange look, “Are you meaning that in the literal sense or is that another sexual innuendo?”


Finally, a sense of humor worth laughing at, he thought to himself. He lifted his hands off the armrest and shrugged. “Either?”


She cracked her neck as she twisted it to the side. “Why do we keep having these types of conversations?”

“What kind is that?” he said, feigning ignorance.


Closing her eyes, she let the force of their acceleration push her into the seat. “This is a long flight. I’m going to sleep now.”


“There’s a bed in the back,” Simon’s grin was deep and his quiet laughter shook his entire body.


“Of course there is,” Vivienne replied with her eyes still closed. “Once we level off I’ll take the couch.”

“You can take the bed.” Simon let the laughter subside and he took a deep breath, relaxing into the chair. “I don’t need to sleep.”


Vivienne opened her eyes and gave him a confused look. “You don’t have to sleep at all?”


Simon shook his head. “I don’t ‘have’ to, but I do. Sometimes.”


“I suppose that makes sense, being undead and all.”


Simon snorted. “I’m not dead.” Sliding out of his captain’s chair, he walked over to the couch next to her and sat on the edge. He reached out and took her hand, making Vivienne’s confused expression deepen but she reluctantly let him draw her hand up to his neck, resting her fingers on his pulse. “See. Warm skin, strong pulse. Not dead.”


Simon put his hand over hers and watched her. She looked at their hands and her expression changed to pensive, almost wistful. Her eyes were a peculiar brown, the inside irises light brown to almost gold. The slight makeup she had on was nearly worn off, her lips void of the shiny gloss he had seen her wear the first time he had met her. Her skin was even toned and her eyelids just slightly darker. Her eyes unfocused just then as she thought about something that distracted her completely.


“What are you thinking about?” Simon asked quietly, his thumb stroking the back of her hand.


Vivienne’s eyes focused and she looked up into his face. Slowly she pulled her hand away and sighed. “Not about you, Simon,” she said sadly. Getting up from her chair, she moved to the opposite side of the couch and lay down with her back against the arm. “Night,” she murmured quietly and turned her back on him, curling up to fall asleep.


He twisted to watch her move to the opposite side of the couch; her heartbeat slow and steady. As she fell asleep, Simon turned away from her and rubbed his face, wishing he was tired enough to sleep. Standing, he walked to the back of the aircraft and stretched out on the queen-sized bed. His mind had been quiet the entire time he had been with Vivienne – not a word from Ellis at all. For the first time that night, he wondered where his reacquired lover had disappeared to since she was not with him.


Simon looked at the perforated ceiling, counting the stitches, as he avoided trying to reach out to Ellis. He wasn’t altogether sure how far apart they could communicate with their bond; a separate clan friend had told him it could be as strong anywhere in the world, but he didn’t want to explain why he was returning to Europe without her or why he was even with Vivienne. Ellis wouldn’t care – he knew that – that was just her way. He cared where Ellis was though, maybe almost as much as whoever Vivienne was missing just then and he wondered if that man knew how fortunate he was to have someone like Vivienne think about him above all others.