Guest post: Blood and Moonlight by Moira Keith


Devlin and Kiara ~ Taking Over

Hi everyone. Hope you all are having a fantastic Thanksgiving if you are in the US and are enjoying your Thursday if you are elsewhere (hopefully not at work). My hero and heroine are demanding a little time of their own on this tour, and after much begging and pleading, I thought I would allow it. I will turn it over to Devlin and Kiara, my hero and heroine from Blood and Moonlight.

Devlin: “What did you want to talk about a ghrá?”

Kiara: “Nothing. I wanted to share a scene from the book.”

Devlin: “Aye, but does Moira wish for you to share it? Perhaps the lass wishes for the readers to discover it on their own.”

Kiara: “Well then she had no business giving the floor to us, did she?”

Devlin: “A ghrá, you make a good point.”

Kiara: “Besides, she left to refill her coffee. She won’t even know. I don’t think anyone here will tell her, do you?”

Devlin: “You are letting that wicked streak show. You know what that does to me.”

Kiara: “Behave yourself. We’re guests.”

Devlin: “Get on with it then.”

Kiara: “Very well. This scene is a glimpse into my first run with the wolves. It’s one of my most treasured memories now. Hope you enjoy it.”


The wolf within me began to stir. Please, I begged, he is not a threat. Devlin sat there so still, staring at me with eyes that gleamed with humor.

“Glad you are enjoying this.” Slowly, I reached out, but stopped short. He butted his head against my extended palm. “Ever the impatient one, aren’t we?”

He nodded and sat on his haunches. I moved closer, crouched beside him, and ran my fingers through the fur at his neck. “You’re soft.”

A low growl sounded and I laughed. “I know, I know. After you.”

He butted the crown of his head against my leg.

“No need to be pushy.”

I walked over to where Devlin left his clothes so neatly folded and kicked off my shoes. Running barefoot always seemed more comfortable to me, even on uneven terrain. I stretched, which wasn’t really a necessity for me, but I was stalling. The threatening growl from Devlin told me he knew it too. “Oh, go find a rabbit to chase. I’m going.”

I took off and he trotted next to me. The need to go faster built, as did my wolf’s desire to be free and relish the sensation of the air passing over us as we ran. I held back, afraid of what it would mean to relinquish control of that part of me. Devlin finally acquiesced to his need for speed and blew past me in a blur.

“When in Rome…” I said to myself and picked up my pace.

Run, that’s all I wanted to do. To simply connect with the earth in a way I never allowed myself to before. A primordial urge overtook me and I lunged through the trees, moving at speeds I didn’t know I was capable of. My bare feet pounding the earth, the smell of the forest, and the sensation of giving myself over to a power I could not control were all that mattered. Branches threatened to slow me down, but I ducked under them with ease. Fallen foliage cracked beneath me. A wolf ran parallel to me and matched my pace. I knew without a doubt, it was Devlin. Then noise opposite me drew my attention. A salt and pepper-colored wolf ran beside me, and judging by the aura surrounding him, I was guessing it was Alasdair. A small rich caramel color wolf stayed by my side and I knew based on size and color, it was Bran. He nipped at my heels in a playful gesture and sped up. I pushed myself harder than I ever have before. Acceptance. The excitement of the wolf inside me was euphoric and relief washed over me when I allowed myself to just be.


Devlin: “You know a ghrá, I’m pleased to know that is a favorite memory.”

Kiara: “Why is that?”

Devlin: “It means I did something right. Sometimes you don’t make it easy to know these things.”

Kiara: “Hard to argue that point. Well, I hope you all enjoyed the small glimpse we shared and thank you for allowing us to be your guests!” 




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