Review: Wolf of Arundale Hall by Jennifer Leeland


Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Pub Date: July 25th 2012

ISBN: 9781419940507
Review copy provided by publisher

Lady Elizabeth Arundale has been alone for ten years—or worse than alone. Her husband left for Jamaica soon after their wedding night, leaving her responsible for his catty, high-maintenance cousin and his wastrel brother. Elizabeth knows the secret that caused her husband to flee—when his passions are roused, he turns into a ravening Beast.

Lord Joshua has no choice but to return to Arundale Hall when his man of business tells him there has been a murder on the estate—a murder that bears all the hallmarks of the Beast. He fears that his brother, too, may have inherited the curse. And he fears that he will be unable to control his deviant desires. The dark sexual practices that keep the Beast at bay. The unspeakable perversions he wished to spare his wife. The brutal bonding his inner animal is desperate to experience with its mate.

My Thoughts:

Of course in this shifter month we have to have a lot of werewolves because their the greatest, but when they are looking for their mate and there are some steamy scenes involved I get extra exited!!  

I love erotic shape shifter books. When I find a writer that has a great balance between paranormal elements and hot erotic sex I definitely want to let you know I have found THE READ to put next on your TBR-list! Jennifer has written an excellent story that will give you moments where you probably will be fanning your overheated head. Although Wolf of Arundale Hall is not crammed but just the right length. It is faced -paced, contains a good plot and strong story line full with hot erotic and emotional scenes with paranormal beings like werewolves who bite, scratch and scratch some more … on all the right places 🙂

Lord Joshua will do all he can to persuade Elizabeth that he is here to stay after leaving her and show her exactly what she needs after missing her husband al this time… but when she submitted to him…there joining is so explosive the words almost come off the pages.

In Wolf of Arundale Hall we also get to read about Joshua’s brother and his Sarah… A great tease thru the story. I hope there will be a second book and that we get to know about Perry and Sarah! I really enjoyed this read I coudnt put it down and look forward to read more written by Jennifer Leeland.

I highly recommend this book to all Shifter and Paranormal Romance fans 🙂

Reader Advisory: This story contains scenes of voyeurism, BDSM and violence!
p.s. The Violence and BDSM where for my personal taste to heavy and a little over-abundant therefore the 4 star rating in stead of 5!

Happy reading!

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