Review: The Fire Inside by Virginia Cavanaugh


A new paranormal, shape-shifter short novel released September 12 at Ellora’s Cave

ISBN: 9781419942532

The Fire Inside

by Virginia Cavanaugh


Werewolves be damned. Tyra Smith chose to leave behind her nature to protect her heart after the wrenching loss of her own pack. She wants nothing to do with another wolf. Never again wants to feel the deep pain of loss. At least until a sexy-as-sin wolf named Konrad shows up, saving her from the roaming paws of another wolf.
The sparks of lust ignite a desire that burns with hellish intensity inside her, making her crave something she’d dared to forsake. The ability to resist wanes. Is it a true mate bond that pulls her to him or just the heat cycle she’s entering? Something only time can tell.
When a real threat from another pack presents itself, Tyra must move into Konrad’s den for her physical protection. But as things continue to heat up between the two of them, will he also be able to protect her heart?

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My Thoughts:

The Fire Inside is the first book I have read by Virginia Cavanaugh. I to bad for me because she writes fantastic! The Fire Inside is one hell of a hot read. I love the way she write about her characters. Specially Tyra and Konrad. Konrad is not shy how he thinks about Tyra and reading about it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

“I need to speak to your alpha.”
“No. You don’t. You need to move your arm so I can leave.” The sooner she got away from him the better. His heated gaze roamed over her face and she found herself breathing shallowly.
“What have I done to anger you, mate?”
“That. That’s what you did. I’m not your mate.”
He leaned in close and ran his nose up her neck, inhaling a deep breath. “Yes, you are,” he whispered next to her ear.
Her eyelids lowered to half mast as her body trembled. The warm, rich texture of his voice did things to her insides. Her core pulsed as she noticed wetness gathering at her lower lips. No. She couldn’t let him get to her. She inched back, creating a small space between them. “Get out of my way.” This couldn’t be happening. She didn’t want this. She wanted a human life, damn it. Or at least as close as she could get to one.

“I know you feel it too. I can scent your desire the same as you can scent mine.”

Although Tyra is very reluctant to give into Konrad… and she gives up a good fight but when she does give in to Konrad. Fireworks comes of the pages. This is a fun read. Not to long or to short it is fast paced with full of action and hot scenes. I hope Virginia will keep on writing about these characters, they made me curious. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a hot shifter/wolf read!


The fire is there alright, love to see the wolf at the bottom. Don’t need to guess its a shifter romance 🙂

Happy reading!

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About Virginia Cavanaugh:
Virginia Cavanaugh is a multi-published author of erotic romance.  Her work covers many sub-genres as new characters present themselves to her every day. After working for years as a nurse in pediatrics, her love of the alpha hero sparked her desire to bring her own stories to life.  When not playing house wife, mother, maid, laundress, taxi driver, or just general all around slave, she enjoys finding a quiet corner to read or work on her next story.