Review: The Covert Wolf by Bonnie Vanak


ARC from Harlequin via netgalley
published:  24th July 2012

Pheonix Force: Elite navy SEALS with paranormal abilities Loyalties collide, passions ignite and a high-stakes adventure ensues in Bonnie Vanak’s sensual new military series…
When a mission gone wrong kills his best friend, navy SEAL Matthew Parker will stop at nothing to destroy the demons who threaten his team. To do so, Matt must locate a mysterious orb before the demons use it to destroy the world. But the only woman who can help him—Sienna McClare—has her own agenda…and every reason for hating his kind.

A half blood, Sienna hopes returning the orb to her people will gain her acceptance back into the only family she’s known. But working with a Draicon werewolf like Matt comes with a high price—one that could cost Sienna her dreams.
A natural-born leader, her werewolf lover must now teach Sienna to listen to her heart—and go where their allconsuming passion leads them…

My Thoughts
The Convert Wolf is a good Urban Fantasy/Mystery Novel with hidden plot twists, despite its length, the book is compact with action, plots, subplots and character progression and simple to read.

Normal these kind of books have my favorite classic hot alpha male and mart mouthed kick-ass female. But not this Novel these is no head of heal fall-in-love-scenes but a for me to slow built up the attraction between the characters with added conflicts that only distrupt the romance story line. I had a hard time finishing this book! This was almost a DNF!

I would only recommend this book for peeps that are looking for a book without the strong hot alpha and kick-ass heroine.

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