Guest Post with Giveaway: The Wolf Of Arundale Hall by Jennifer Leeland

First of all, I’d like to thank Iris for letting me participate in her Shifters and Wares event.  
For those of you who know me, you’re probably stunned I’m participating on any site with the word “Shifter” or “Werewolf” in it.  

I’ve skirted the paranormal aspects of erotic romance with my science fiction series, but when Lord Joshua Arundale started his annoying campaign to be written, I had to dive in completely.  

Now, this story was out of my comfort zone.  Joshua, as some characters will, lied to me from the beginning and it took a lot of hair pulling to get the real story.  While I was struggling to get Joshua to give me the real story, I had to have some inspiration.  

 How did I stay inspired? Music.

There have been several books I’ve read that have a soundtrack in my head.  When I read “Dune” by Frank Herbert, for some reason the whole “Eye in the Sky” album from The Alan Parson’s Project always plays in my mind.  Music and books have always gone hand in hand with me.  I love it when authors share their playlists.  So I thought I’d share a couple with you.

Ignoring the fact that creating a playlist for a book is time consuming and a great time waster…it did help me stay in the right mood.  It isn’t easy to find music that will depict the 19th Century, so instead, most of my choices helped me stay in that gothic paranormal mood. 

Several songs from Stream of Passion ( and Evanescence ( were on that playlist, but the first two were the most important.  Interestingly, the videos are relevant.  

This one made for the song “What Lies Beneath” by Breaking Benjamin has scenes from 

“The Prestige” a movie set in the 19th century. 

and “Stand My Ground” by Within Temptation captures the gothic paranormal feel.  

I’m giving away an ecopy (or maybe two) of “The Wolf of Arundale” and all you have to do is comment and let me know what music inspires you.
Lady Elizabeth Arundale has been alone for ten years—or worse than alone. Her husband left for Jamaica soon after their wedding night, leaving her responsible for his catty, high-maintenance cousin and his wastrel brother. Elizabeth knows the secret that caused her husband to flee—when his passions are roused, he turns into a ravening Beast.

Lord Joshua has no choice but to return to Arundale Hall when his man of business tells him there has been a murder on the estate—a murder that bears all the hallmarks of the Beast. He fears that his brother, too, may have inherited the curse. And he fears that he will be unable to control his deviant desires. The dark sexual practices that keep the Beast at bay. The unspeakable perversions he wished to spare his wife. The brutal bonding his inner animal is desperate to experience with its mate.

Reader Advisory: This story contains scenes of voyeurism, BDSM and violence.

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Jennifer Leeland is giving away 1 or 2 copies of her new book The Wolf Of Arundale Hall

All you have to do is: Enter below your answer to her question “What music inspires you!”

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Congratulations to Wanda F and Cindy!!!! You both won a copy of “Wolf of Arundale Hall”.