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Catching an Evil Tail
You can probably guess from the title that the book involves some kind of shifter or werewolf, right? That was my goal when I came up with the title.
Catching an Evil Tail is the second book in the Soul Catcher series. When I started the series, I wanted to involve more creatures besides vampires and demons. My protagonist is half-demon and has the ability to send souls to Hell. Each book involves her sending some bad-ass soul to Hell where it should be, but she runs into problems.
I really like werewolves, so since the first one didn’t have any, I incorporated them into the second and fourth books. They’re sexy, strong, powerful, and very tempting. At least, the main one, the Alpha, Alan, is in my book. I wanted him to tempt her, and he does. The pool scene was a joy to write. And his tattoo… Come on, a werewolf has to have some kind of tribal tat, right? (Grinning)
Here’s a short excerpt from the book (my heroine and the werewolf she’s helping are in the pool):
I let go of the wall with one hand, and it slipped into the water. The temptation to touch his chest grew into an obsession. I wanted to trace my fingers along the dark edges of his tattoo and feel his warm flesh.
As if Alan could sense my desire, he grazed my shoulder with his hand. The soft touch spawned an increase in my pulse and drew my attention away from the artwork on his body.
“Demons can be troublesome. I hesitate to do business with any demon. But with you, I will make an exception.” His hungry gaze drifted and hovered over my chest.
My lips curved. I enjoyed his touch. It had been too long since a man had taken such a keen interest in me, not counting Jeremy. After six weeks without Drake, I yearned for a man to hold me, touch me, and love me.
“And is this business?” I asked, raising a brow. “You coming back here, knowing I was alone?”
His fingers glided down my arm and into the water. He grabbed my hand, lifted it, and placed it in the center of his chest. I stared at his hunky pecs and licked my lips. Beneath his warm skin, his heart thumped fast.
Brilliant green eyes stared at me. “No, this is not business. This is just the two of us getting to know each other without any distractions.”
His gaze strayed to my lips. My breath quickened; I sensed his arousal. He was so close to me. A few inches closer and I could kiss him. Struggling with the desire to touch his lips and taste him, I looked down at the artwork on his torso.
“This is an interesting tattoo.” I ran my palm over the smooth flesh. “Does it hold any special meaning for you?”
“Survival,” he said. “It started out on my arm and shoulder. Over the years, I have lengthened it.”
“Where does it end?” I asked.
“Right now, past my hip bone.” The corners of his lips curled. “Would you like to see the rest of it?”
Yes! Yes! Show me please, my inner demon screamed. “I, uh . . . .”
In one swift motion, he pressed his lips upon mine while his hard body flattened me against the wall. Desire flamed as his strength and energy flowed into me. I let go of the ledge, wrapped my arms around his neck, and curled my legs around his waist. His strong lips kept me glued to his while his delicious tongue—tasting of honey—explored mine. Under the water, his solid muscle pressed against me. Enjoying the feel of his hardness, I let a soft moan slip past my lips. His tongue delved deeper and with feverish strokes. God help me, I didn’t care about air. The demon part of me yearned for him and every bit of love he wanted to give.

Catching An Evil Tail by Mary Abshire 
Half-demon Jessie Garrett wants to live a normal life among her friends and keep her soul catching ability a secret, but supernatural creatures keep popping up in her world. Adding to her struggles, her vampire lover remains out of the country, and when he offers no valuable explanation as to why he hasn’t returned, she wonders if she should move on without him.
As if Jessie doesn’t have enough worries on her mind, the demon yearning to seduce her shows up at her home. She longs to liberate herself from the debt she owes him, and when he asks for her help, she jumps at the chance to make a new deal with him—one that will guarantee her freedom. The only catch? She has to send the soul of a werewolf to hell.
Love, trust, and loyalty are on the line. Torn between her feelings for her vampire boyfriend, a hot Alpha wolf, and a demon vowing to protect her, Jessie must figure out her heart’s true desires.” Noble Romance The Soul Catcher series Novel Review policy read and understood
The Soul Catcher series is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can find excerpts on Mary Abshire’s website, and the first chapter of each book available on Amazon.

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