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Guest post with giveaway by A.M. Burns

The Many-Colored Wer by A.M. Burns 
Werecreatures are hot right now in literature, from the werewolves in Anne Rice’s new book “The Wolf’s Gift” to the many types of wers in Laurel K Hamilton’s books, werecreatures help bring a dark broody nature to paranormal fiction. Even television is catching on with shows like Teen Wolf and True Blood, both filled with werewolves and other creatures. There’s something about werecreatures that strikes a chord with the public right now, I personally think it’s because people live such tame lives that we want to be courted by the dark animalistic side of nature that the wers get us in touch with.

As a writer, I enjoy the challenge that wer characters bring. I like to find a balance between the animal side and the human side. That balance makes things interesting. I ask myself questions like where would werewolves living in Dallas, Texas go during the full moon? Why would wereotters live away from the sea? Or when Africa gets too many werelions, where would they all go? Questions like this can help add to the depth of a character and make for some very good stories, or at least subplots.

The other thing that I really like to see and do with wer characters is getting into the natural animal side. I like to dig into the real animals that inhabit our world, and bring some of this into the worlds I write. I have creatures such as werebadgers and wereotters to go along with the standard werewolves and werebears. When I set out to create these characters, I research the animals first. Badgers are grumpy and solitary. They dig holes. They normally have twins. So my werebadgers in the Coyote’s Pack series are twins who know about caving and understand the earth. Otters, live in family groups and appear to play around a lot. So in “Perfect Trouble” we have the Bjorn brothers who are hunky surfers out looking for mates. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments about my use of unusual wers and incorporating natural history into their characters and behaviors. I think, one of the reasons we have so many werewolves out there, beyond the fact that they are the first wers we normally encounter, is that most people at least think they understand wolves and dogs and that makes them easier to writer.

Whatever else they are, wers are still human, at least part of the time. But they don’t all have to be grumpy, broody humans when they aren’t in wer form. I think that over time, a wer is going to get control of his or her animal side. Let the more mature wers lighten up a bit. This also plays into the animal side of things. Animals aren’t serious all the time, wolves love playing when they aren’t out hunting, cats too. I love seeing this side in characters. It’s okay to let the broody werebear spend some time relaxing in a hot tub, making out with his boyfriend for a while. Let’s have some laughing while young werecoyotes in love frolic in the desert.

There are a lot more critters out there than just werewolves, and a lot more emotions than just broody. Get out and embrace these characters, find depth in them, nature is calling let out a roar and find the fun in the many type of werecreatures prowling paranormal entertainment.

Heartsblood Fusion by A.M. Burns 
Book #2 Yellow Sky Coven (Continuing the story that started in “Blood Moon, Yellow Sky”)

Spring is in the air in Yellow Sky, Texas. Tal O’Duirwood and Alex Carlson have decided it’s time for their wedding, but before they can complete the preparations, a werepuma who happens to be an international terrorist comes to town. Even with the help of the Yellow Sky Coven and their allies, can the guys stop a nuclear explosion and still walk down the aisle?
Paranormal Romance M/M

A.m. Burns is giving away one copy of Heartsblood Fusion (International)
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(runs for 14 days till OCT 22th 11.55 pm)

A.M. Burns Bio:

A.M. Burns lives in the Colorado Rockies with his partner, several dogs, cats, horses, and birds. When he’s not writing, he’s often fixing fences, hiking in the mountains, or flying his hawks.

You can find out more about A.M. and his writing at www.amburns.com | Goodreads | Twitter Facebook Pinterest Amazon Mystichawker Press


  1. Olga Sergejeva
    Olga Sergejeva October 08, 20:52
    Great cover! Looks like a very interesting read!
    Thanks for the giveaway! olga_sergejeva at hotmail.co.uk
  2. A.M. Burns
    A.M. Burns October 08, 22:00
    Thanks Olga, This cover is actually interesting because I was trying to do an interesting cover and was getting opinions on it via Facebook and a friend of mine asked me to let her try since she's doing some graphic arts in school. After we recieved good reviews on this cover, she went back and redid all the covers for my Yellow Sky series. She does good work.
  3. Elizabeth Haney •
    Elizabeth Haney • October 08, 22:06
    Oooh, this book sounds really good! Thanks for the chance to win!
  4. bn100
    bn100 October 09, 06:45
    Very nice post.

  5. JenM
    JenM October 13, 14:00
    I agree, I love reading about unusual kinds of shifters. I will definitely have to check this book out.

  6. crystalg123
    crystalg123 October 13, 15:47
    Thanks for the post. This book sounds great and I will definitely be adding to my to-read list. Who doesn't love shifters =)


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