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Guest blogging with Cynthia Eden about her latest release HOWL FOR IT! (with Giveaway)

October is finally here! And that means the scary times can begin. What would scary/fun times be without shifters and weres?

I love reading and writing about shifters and weres. They’re powerful. They’re primal. They carry a beast, and they can kick ass at will. How could I not get drawn into stories about these creatures?

When I think about shifters, I do have to confess that the wolf shifter is my favorite—maybe that is why I find myself writing so many stories about those dangerous wolves! But wolves are so fiercely loyal and incredibly protective—such perfect qualities for heroes and heroines.

In my latest release, HOWL FOR IT, I paired my wolf shifter hero with a heroine who normally, ahem, hunts shifters. Only this time, my heroine finds herself falling for her prey.

And that brings me to the question that I have for you all…what would make you fall for a wolf shifter? Is it the shifter’s strength? His loyalty? His animal magnetism? 😉

Please share! I’d love to know why you love those wolves. One random commenter will be picked to win a copy of HOWL FOR IT (digital or print, winner’s choice).

Here are my top 4 reasons to fall for a wolf shifter:
1. A man with a wild side can be fun.
2. I like a howling good time.
3. If I’m ever out on a dark an dangerous night, I’d sure like to have a wolf shifter at my side.
4. Loyal—forever.

Now please tell me what you like about wolves!

Good luck.

Cynthia Eden

ANGEL IN CHAINS—Available 11/27/12 from Kensington Brava


Howl For It (Pride 0.5)

by Shelly Laurenston, Cynthia Eden

They hunger for your pleasure. They growl for your touch. And in these sizzling stories by New York Times bestselling author Shelly Laurenston and Cynthia Eden, these sexy wolf shapeshifters are lust at first bite. . .

“Like A Wolf With A Bone” by Shelly Laurenston
Quiet little Darla Lewis couldn’t be happier when the most-feared member of the South’s rowdiest pack kidnaps her. A girl gets real tired of being overprotected by her own shifter family, and there’s nothing like an oh-so-big bad wolf to start a pack feud, unleash her instincts–and have her surrender however and whenever she wants. . .

“Wed Or Dead” by Cynthia Eden
Gage Ryder knew his human bride had a wild side. But spending their honeymoon night on the run from hunters out to finish him and his pack is sure not the kind of fun he was looking forward to. No problem–Gage will do whatever it takes to lay bare Kayla’s secrets and find the truth. If he can keep from being captured by his own seductive game. . .

“Cynthia’s on my must-buy list.” –New York Times bestselling author Angie Fox
“Laurenston continues to dazzle readers.” –Romantic Times

Giveaway runs till 10/16/2012 11.55 pm

Make a comment below on this page (with your email address so we can contact you) and

tell Cynthia what you like about wolves!


  1. Elizabeth H.
    Elizabeth H. October 02, 10:29
    Hi Cynthia! I love the fact that when shifter wolves mate, they mate for life with no desire for another. Thank you for the chance to win!
    • Paranormal Cravings
      Paranormal Cravings October 02, 14:28
      Hi Cynthia, don't forget your email address so we can contact you if you won the GA.. The same for Jeannette Medina and adamsgirl4602 :0
    • Elizabeth H.
      Elizabeth H. October 05, 11:04
      Oops! Here's my e-mail: ehaney578 at aol dot com
  2. Cynthia Eden
    Cynthia Eden October 02, 14:18
    Hi, Elizabeth! I do love that mating for life bonus with them! ;)Thanks for entering the giveaway!
  3. Jeannette Medina
    Jeannette Medina October 02, 14:21
    I love the fact that Shifter wolves protect what is there's. We always need to feel protected. I would love to be protected by a wolf shifter <3
  4. adamsgirl4602
    adamsgirl4602 October 02, 14:21
    i love that they do everything so passionately. they live, fight, and love with everything they are. and the fact that once they are with their mate, they will never have a want or need for anyone but her ;)
    • Cynthia Eden
      Cynthia Eden October 02, 21:08
      That wolf devotion is so amazing.
  5. Steph from fangswandsandfairydust.com
    I was just writing about this, but for the sake of humor, it's a twofer: You get a guy and a pet in one package. You'll save tons of laundry time since they tend to shred their clothes. On Game Days you can just put out kibble for snacks. You'll never have to worry about burning the roast, they'll just take it raw.

  6. Heather
    Heather October 02, 14:28
    What is there NOT to love about a wolf? They mate for life, they will always keep you warm and protect you. Sign me up when we find one!!

    hjbmckenna at gmail dot com
  7. Longleggzz
    Longleggzz October 02, 14:31
    I love how strong and possessive they are. I'm not sure why but I just love that. I love the feeling of being the only one they want.
    • Cynthia Eden
      Cynthia Eden October 02, 21:10
      I think most of us enjoy that feeling, too! Thanks for your answer!
  8. leann
    leann October 02, 14:39
    Good Morning. I love the fact that wolf-shifters seem to be loyal, warm, loving, protective of thier 'pack'. To find someone who is your mate. Someone who will always love you no matter what, for LIFE! Yeah, I wish there was more 'shifters' out there. Leann leamei1981@yahoo.com
  9. Elizabeth H
    Elizabeth H October 02, 14:55
    Morning.. They always seem to be everything a woman wants in a man.. Sexy, protective, and strong. Plus as everyone else is saying, they mate for life... that is the ultimate craving that most women have, a man that will not stray. With me personally the strength is most appealing. Something that most guys between the ages of 30 and 40 usually lack in todays world. lol Put it all together though, and you have the perfect life mate. Now if only they were real. ;) eh1717@yahoo.com
    • Cynthia Eden
      Cynthia Eden October 02, 21:11
      That strength can be oh-so-appealing...
  10. Chrisbails
    Chrisbails October 02, 15:00
    I love wolves, favorite paranormal being. I love them because they are loyal, especially love alphas. Love their protectiveness. Love that they mate for life, sexy & great lovers(plus love doggie style)LOL, and very loyal to them lovers and family.
    This book sounds great and would love to win and read. Thanks for the giveaway.
    christinebails at yahoo dot com
    • Cynthia Eden
      Cynthia Eden October 02, 21:12
      Thanks for entering the giveaway! And thank for sharing all of your reasons!
  11. May
    May October 02, 15:18
    Love wolves... Their loyalty and strength...

    maybe31 at yahoo.com
  12. Eli Yanti
    Eli Yanti October 02, 15:28
    love wolves because they are strong, a bit possesif, loyal and protective

  13. Amy R
    Amy R October 02, 15:46
    I think a shifter's protective and loyal nature are reasons to fall for one. I also like that while they are strong and alpha, they also can completely fall for the heroine and be at her mercy. It is that female that can make them most vulnerable and bring them to their knees. I can't wait to read this book! It is on my B&N wish list. Thanks!

    • Cynthia Eden
      Cynthia Eden October 02, 21:13
      Hi, Amy!! So glad you're looking forward to this one! Thanks!
  14. Victoria
    Victoria October 02, 15:48
    Your 4th answer is my favorite, loyalty is a must. Their fur is a plus for me too ;). I could bury myself in it. Thank you.
    • Cynthia Eden
      Cynthia Eden October 02, 21:13
      LOL, Victoria, I think you might be the 1st person to mention the fur!
  15. miki
    miki October 02, 17:34
    If international followers can enter for a print copy please count me in.
    i love their loyalty and the fact they only have one mate
    • Cynthia Eden
      Cynthia Eden October 02, 21:14
      International entrants are definitely welcome!
  16. Texas Book Lover
    Texas Book Lover October 02, 17:55
    I love me some wolves because as you said they are always loyal. They are protective plus I can snuggle up to them and they will keep me really warm (and I am usually always cold).

    Thanks so much!
    mmafsmith AT gmail DOT com
    • Cynthia Eden
      Cynthia Eden October 02, 21:14
      As winter draws near, that warmth will be appreciated. ;)
  17. Enchanted by Books
    Enchanted by Books October 02, 18:54
    I love wolves because they love their woman with such passion. They are fierce lovers, extremely loyal and will fight to the death to protect you.

    Dying to read Howl For It!

    booklover 07202 at yahoo dot com
    • Cynthia Eden
      Cynthia Eden October 03, 01:07
      So glad to hear you're looking forward to the story!
  18. Olga Sergejeva
    Olga Sergejeva October 02, 20:36
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  19. Olga Sergejeva
    Olga Sergejeva October 02, 20:39
    Wolves...I love their wilderness, strength, loyalty, beauty!
    olga_sergejeva at hotmail. co. uk
  20. Vanessa N.
    Vanessa N. October 02, 22:44
    I love them because they're strong, loyal, and protective. I also love the growling, it's sexy.

    • Cynthia Eden
      Cynthia Eden October 03, 01:07
      I think it's sexy, too. Love it when Alcide growls on True Blood.
  21. bn100
    bn100 October 03, 00:13
    I like that they're alpha and protective.

  22. Robin W
    Robin W October 03, 00:49
    I love that they are strong, protective & mate for life.
  23. Cynthia Eden
    Cynthia Eden October 03, 01:08
    Thanks so much for chatting with me today! It's been a pleasure!
  24. Timitra
    Timitra October 03, 01:55
    I love how aggressive and tough they can be and also how soft and sweet they are with their mates!

  25. bookmaven623
    bookmaven623 October 03, 02:33
    I love how they are tough and very alpha even when they aren't the alpha. They have a strong mating ethic and you know with your wolf you are safe as long as you are theirs. I would love my own personal wolf. :)

    blueyedgal623 at gmail dot com
  26. JenM
    JenM October 03, 05:03
    I love the idea of an animal nature married with reason, but more importantly, I love them because I'm always cold and I know if I were snuggled up to a werewolf, he'd always be able to keep me warm.

  27. June M.
    June M. October 03, 09:15
    I like the fact that they are dominate (even those who are not alphas). They are also very dependable, loyal, & responsible.
    The only bad thing I can think of is the shedding. LOL
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com
  28. Rose
    Rose October 03, 11:07
    I love that the are protective,strong,loyal, and Yummy!!!

  29. Olivia Tan
    Olivia Tan October 04, 08:21
    they are mate for life, protective, and loyal
    thanks for the chance ^^

  30. Kai
    Kai October 05, 04:05
    I love wolves. They are playful, beautiful, and loyal to the pack. They mate for life which show how much characters they have.

  31. Herding Cats - Burning Soup
    Herding Cats - Burning Soup October 06, 10:21
    Great list Cynthia! I'm with you on the loyalty. I love how focused, dedicated and protective they are to their mates :)

  32. crystalg123
    crystalg123 October 06, 18:28
    I love shifters protectiveness over their mates and family and that they mate for life. I also love that they are truly loyal to family and pack and also who doesn't love an Alpha Male, YUM!

    cguidroz2 (at) cox (dot) net
  33. June M.
    June M. October 07, 02:50
    I love wolves because they are beautiful yet can be very deadly. They are very protective of their mates, cubs, and other pack members, loyal to them no matter what. And the shifters in books are often Alpha males (or at least very dominate) and so sexy!
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com
  34. donnas
    donnas October 07, 03:12
    I love how they are so majestic and regal and care for those in their pack with everything they have.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com
  35. CushieDiva
    CushieDiva October 11, 18:11
    Wolf shifters are possessive, sexy and loyal! Not to mention the wild sex (that's my favorite part ;^)

  36. The Romanceaholic
    The Romanceaholic October 11, 20:03
    I like how possessive and protective wolves are!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    romanceaholic at gmail dot com

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