Character Interview with Tuck & Josh from A Werewolf's Soldier by Kayley Scott

Today we have Tuck and Josh from Kayley’s new release, 
Iris: *Fanning my face* So Gentlemen! Thank you for meeting with me on such short notice for our shifters event! I am really glad you two have time to do this interview with me!
Josh: It’s our pleasure, Iris. Tuck and I are between assignments, so the timing was perfect.
Iris: I feel a little bit intimated by two good-looking military men. Why do all good lookers have to be gay?
Tuck: Iris, my people have been secretly manipulating the human genetic pool for centuries to engineer beautiful gay men to capture as our mates.
Josh: Really? Your first interview with humans and that’s your lead off statement? Cue angry mob.
Tuck: I’m only kidding, Iris. We aren’t putting anything in your water or food supply. Honest.
Iris: (while keeping my eye on Joshua, I have to ask this question) Eeh Tuck have you always played ….for let’s say… the other team? What I’m kind of trying to ask is, has there never been a woman?
Tuck: I’ve never been with a woman. My motor just runs on rock hard abs, tapered waists, and strong jawlines, I guess.
Iris: Can’t there ever be a third? (thinking of a woman *wishful thinking on my part*)
Josh: Tuck doesn’t share well.
Tuck: No, I do not.
Josh: We went to see Muse at Red Rocks a few weekends ago. A completely “un-handsome” man who had perhaps had a bit much to drink made some nice comments about me, and Tuck completely overreacted.
Tuck: I did not overreact. I provided him with some clear feedback on his poor behavior.
Josh: You broke his collarbone and three ribs!
Tuck: Exactly.
Iris: (Ok Iris, keep your thoughts straight, you can do it. Just don’t look at them) So tell me how things have been since you two have been mated?
Josh: It’s been unreal. The world is much bigger than I ever imagined, and exploring that world with Tuck has been amazing.
Tuck: Finding Josh saved my life.  
Iris: Joshua what where you thinking when you saw Tuck shift for the first time?
Tuck: Heh.
Josh: Don’t you laugh. That was traumatic.
Tuck: At the time, yes. But it’s kind of funny now.
Josh: Iris, let me set the stage for you. I had just had the most mind-blowing and satisfying sex of my life. After years of hiding who I was, this was a deeply cathartic and validating moment.
Tuck: I’m pretty good in the sack.
Josh: Don’t be an ass! One moment I am fulfilled and happy, and the next thing I know bullets are flying. We were pinned down, unarmed, and I’m thinking we’re going to die. I had finally found happiness and I was going to lose it just like that. Then suddenly, I look over and see this…monster.
Tuck: No offense taken.
Josh: It was a lot to take in. I probably didn’t handle it well.
Tuck: No comment.
Iris: Joshua, are there things or moments with Tuck when you really notice you are with an other being?
Josh: Imagine sitting down at a dinner table with four werewolves on steak night.
Tuck: I don’t know. You seem to like it when I get a little meat in my mouth. Well, not a little if you know what I mean, Iris.
Josh: Ugh. Anytime we are out in the field or training, I’m reminded just how much I didn’t know about the world around me. But with every passing day, I find I’m more comfortable in this new world. Like I belong there.
Tuck: Josh has been incredible. He’s an amazing soldier, and he brings a very different perspective to some of the challenges we face.
Iris: So the meal on the dining table is not raw meat every day?
Tuck: I have a sophisticated palate.
Josh: Really? What did you have for breakfast?
Tuck: Pig.
Josh: Lunch?
Tuck: You.
Josh: Don’t be crass. After that?
Tuck: Cow.
Josh: Cow? We had Thai food at the place on the corner.
Tuck: I had cow before that. The Thai food was more of a snack.
Iris: What does the future hold for you two? I know marriage is possible nowadays… is this something for you two?
Tuck: Wolves mate for life. If he would like a human ceremony, then I’d be honored to participate but with or without a ring, this is forever.
Josh: The world is changing, but we still have a long way to go. I suppose a wedding would be nice, but I agree with Tuck. This is forever, regardless of pomp and circumstance. I’ve found my man, and I have no intention of letting him get away.
Iris: How does it feel to have your story written down by Kayley Scott? Did she have any troubles?
Tuck: She was nosy.
Josh: Would you be civil? Working with Kayley was a treat. She was a little detailed and explicit when it came to some aspects of our relationship. I can’t imagine anyone needing that much graphic description of our sex life. But it was a great experience, overall.
Tuck: I don’t know. Our sex life is pretty hot. We do sex well. I’d watch us. You know, we should get a camera.
Josh: No.
Iris: well! …Thank youfor answering my questions!
I can ask you two a thousand questions more but I think the readers just have to read your story in Kayley’s book
A WEREWOLF’S SOLDIER! Thanx again!…. (Just stand up and go, Iris. You can do it. Cold shower first. NOW!)

A Werewolf’s Soldier 
by Kayley Scott
Sergeant Joshua Tanner has always been drawn to danger. After multiple tours of service, first in Iraq and now in Afghanistan, he has developed a reputation as one of the Army’s finest soldiers. But when his latest mission leaves him wounded behind enemy lines in the deadly Korengal Valley, his only chance for survival lies with a mysterious and sexy stranger.
On a top secret mission, the werewolf Tuck may have finally found the mate he has spent twelve years searching for. Josh is beautiful and fearless but completely unaware of the horrors that lurk in the dark places of the world. As a member of the US Military’s Warwolves unit, Tuck and his kind secretly hunt down the supernatural terrors that threaten humankind.
When an ancient monster rises in the forest, the hunter becomes the hunted. To save their lives, Tuck is forced to expose Josh to the beast hidden inside him and risk losing the love of his life.
An M/M Erotic Romance
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Kayley Scott lives in Dallas, Texas with her beautiful family, but her true home is in the Rocky Mountains. Born in a Navy hospital, she has always been fascinated with stories of the men and women who serve in the US Military. Her writing career began in a movie theater when she first saw Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas. Since that day, she began reading and writing romance with a healthy dose of the unusual. She believes everyone deserves their happy ending, especially gay werewolves. Her first novel, A Werewolf’s Soldier, was released in 2012 and is the first book in her Warwolves series. Please feel free to contact her on Facebook  Twitter (@kayleyscott), or through her website at