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Red (Transplanted Tales Book 1)
Features:  Tess “Red” Little and Nate Grimm
Coming August 2012
“My name is Tess Little. But everyone calls me Red.”
Once upon a time, a spell went awry, stranding Make Believe characters in the ordinary world.   Since then, Tess “Red” Little—a/k/a Little Red Riding Hood—has worked as an Enforcer for the Chicago branch of the Fairytale Management Authority. But, consider yourself warned—she’s not just some waif with a basket of goodies. All grown up and with nothing to lose, a gun and combat boots is more her style. And Red’s new assignment threatens to be short on happily ever afters…
Someone is murdering transplanted Tales in gruesome fashion. The list of fictional characters capable of such grisly acts is short and includes more than one of Red’s old flames. And if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s another complication, in the form of sexy, enigmatic Nate Grimm, the FMA’s lead detective and part-time Reaper. Used to following her own rules and living life on the edge, Red has managed to avoid taking on a partner until now. But Nate’s dark side makes him perfect for a case like this. That is, if she can trust him. Because if there’s one thing Red knows for sure, it’s that believing in the wrong person can have big, bad consequences…
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My Thoughts: *spoiler alert*
There once was a Fairy Tail with a girl who was named Little Red Riding Hood… 

Many years later they call her Red… she is an Enforcer for the Chicago branch of the Fairytale Management Authority and if you stand in her way, she will kick your ass!! 
Red is the first book in Kate SeRine’s Transplanted Tales Series. After reading the blurb you get certain expectations but nothing in my imagination could prepare me for this book. What Kate did to these Tales is Magical! She mixed the classic Fairy Tail elements with the modern paranormal elements, twisted them all up…added some action, great world building, detective elements, romance, a lot of humor and snarky comments and voilà a new fantastic ORIGINAL paranormal series is born! 
Little Red Riding Hood a.k.a. Red is the main character in this book, she is an Enforcer and wears red leather, carries guns, has a healthy sexual appetite and has a lot of humor. I really liked her! Red finds help with one of cases in the form of the handsome Grimm reaper named Nate Grimm. Kate has written the relation between Grimm and Red perfect, you can almost feel the attraction between them from the beginning. Grimm has been following Red from the start when they met but she hasn’t had much luck in finding the lucky guy so there are some trust issues that have to be won before she can move on and start fresh with Nate. I really liked reading about the build-up of their relation and wish there where more Nate/Red lines and a little less detective parts that dominated most of the book. 
Besides the main characters Kate also introduced a lot of sub characters, other Tales. With every new Tale I was wondering which Fairy Tail they used to belong to.For instants: Snow White is a hooker/runs a brothel. Goldilocks is a call girl but also Mr. and Mrs charming, Vlad (Dracula) and Peter Pan (under an other name but similar) played a fun role! And it’s not just the Fairy Tales, Elizabeth Bennett and Darcy also get there sub character role! They where all great!

Red: “I could tell he was grinning, when he said, ‘I have nothing but time, my little love. I have been waiting patiently for you to come for me again.’ ‘You mean come to you,’ 
I corrected.  – Kate SeRine, Red

Overall, the writing was fast-paced, smooth and a real page turner. I specially liked the humor and snarky comments in the story. I only missed how exactly Grimm collected his dead clients. It was mentioned a lot in the story but never really how. The end of the book is of course a Happy End, no great story can end without one in my opinion, but the exact act of  bringing in their villain/murderer was not a part of the end. I hope that will still come in book 2. Cant wait… The next Transplanted Tales Book will be on my TBR-list!  If you like Fairy Tales or not … I Highly recommended this (for me) new author to all readers! 

p.s. I wanted to say sorry to my Goodreads friend… Yes I have send you an email with a recommendation to read this book!  Just in case you missed this review 🙂 

The End …

Happy reading!
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