Review: Widow's Web by Jennifer Estep


Note: The Elemental Assassin books are intended for adults only. You should be be 18 years old or older to read the books.

(Elemental Assassin #7)
Publised: Simon & Schuster, August 21, 2012

ISBN: 978-1451651775
E-ARC from Author
The seventh book in the hugely popular Elemental Assassin series by New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Jennifer Estep—Gin Blanco is back and ready for action.

My name is Gin, and I kill people. It’s something I’ve been doing for years as the assassin called Spider, but now, it’s turned into a necessity on my part just to survive all the lowlifes in Ashland who are gunning for me. The underworld is still in turmoil, and I seem to be on everyone’s hit list these days.

To add to Gin’s problems, her lover Owen’s ex is in town. Salina is back in Ashland to reclaim an old family legacy—and she thinks that Owen is hers for the taking. Also in the mix is Phillip Kincaid, a casino owner and all-around shady character who has a mysterious connection to both Owen and Salina.

Salina might seem like a sweet Southern belle, but there’s more to her than meets the eye. Her water elemental magic makes her a dangerous enemy—and someone who can go toe-to-toe with Gin’s Ice and Stone power. But Gin is determined to get to the bottom of Salina’s deadly scheme, even though it just might cost her everything…including Owen.


My Thoughts

First I have to say that I am a HUGE fan of Gin 🙂 So every thing Jennifers writes about her… I love it!

That said. Spider’s web is already the seventh book of this amazing Elemental Assassin Series. Each book is getting better and better and when you finally think you have figured it out Jennifer pulls a great twist out of her sleeve that keeps you wondering…. Can this series get any better??

In Spiders Bite, the first book of the Elemental Assassin Series we met Gin Blanco, cook by day in her diner “Pork Pit” and the spider assassin by night she keeps running in to the strangest villains but at the end she pull thru like the kick-ass heroine she is. Besides these two jobs she have to fight for her relation with Owen! And fight her new opponent Salina. Salina returned to Ashland for revenge on those who stood silently by while Mab Monroe killed her father. Salina’s family isn’t the only one that Mab destroyed. Jeez … I really hated that bitch Salina … Supported Gin al the way to get rid of her!

“I stood there alone in the dark and wondered who the hell Salina Dubois really was, why she seemed to have such an effect on my lover, and what I was going to do about her. Because this was a matter of the heart—and one problem that all my knives and all my prowess as the Spider wouldn’t help me solve.”
A story is nothing without the side-kicks Gin can always count on her Family, Jo-Jo & Sophia, Finn, Eva, Owen and Gin’s sister Bria. It is always nice to read about them. My favorite is Sophia with her grave voice. But also Bria played a big part in this story and was for a change proud of her sister Gin.
I think Jennifer will get a lot of responds of her dedicated readers after they finish this book … Widow’s web is a emotional rollercoaster that gives you inside information about some street live history behind Owen and Eva’s story but also about Gin and how much a strong woman she actually is. Gin just can’t get a break. Problems are coming her way every corner she turns. I truly enjoyed this books, shed some tears….but I will keep an eye out on the future because in the end I think Jennifer is going to make it alright… I really hope so… I can’t wait for the next installment of the Elemental Assassin Series to discover what Jennifer has come up next for Gin.

The Elemental Assassin series is one of my Top 10 “Favorite Paranormal Series” and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance stories with one hell of a kick-ass female!
Go Gin!

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Deadly Sting, the eighth book, is tentatively set to be published in April 2013.

Expected publication: August 21st 2012

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I double-tapped my target in the chest, and he dropped to the carpet without a sound. I trained my gun on the second man, who leaped to his feet, put up his hands in a placating gesture, and started backing away.
“Hello, Finn,” I said in a mocking voice to the drinker. “Weren’t expecting to see me here, were you?”
Finnegan Lane, my foster brother, looked at me, a clear plea in his eyes. “You don’t have to do this. You’ve proven your point by icing Owen there already. This whole thing was your lover’s brilliant idea, not mine. Don’t blame me for his mistakes.”
I gestured with the gun at Owen Grayson’s prone form. “That’s not how I remember things. In fact, I distinctly recall you being the mouthpiece behind this whole situation. You were the one who kept pushing and pushing me. Well, tonight, I finally decided to push back.”
When he realized I couldn’t be reasoned with, Finn decided another tactic—bribery. “I’ll pay you whatever you want to put the gun down and walk away, you know that.”
“I do know that.” A cold, cruel smile curved my lips. “But walking away is not nearly as much fun as this is. You know that as well as I do.”
“No, please, don’t—”
I pulled the trigger twice, cutting off his protests, and my foster brother joined my lover on the floor.