Guest Post and Review: Solstice Night by B. C. Sirrom

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Genre: Paranormal romance, ebook 144 pages

Why do we Hate our Heroes?
I have tortured, beaten and murdered. I have starved, neglected and abandoned. I do not know what compels me to do these things. Why I feel they have to happen.

And I have done these things to those whom I care for.

I love my characters, so why do I make ‘bad things’ happen to them. Why does any writer? And why do we keep reading? Self-esteem issues and tragic pasts are common themes of urban fantasy. Do we see ourselves in fiction? Do we hope for the same chance at redemption?

Each story has that gut wrenching moment. It is the moment of redemption, of pain. It is when you know whatever happens next, will decide everything.

My characters are as flawed as they are cherished. They exist in a reality as layered and dynamic as our own. There is goodness, as well as evil. My characters do not exist in a vacuum. They did not spring into life just as I started to write. (Okay, so maybe they came into existence the moment I thought them up.) They have life experiences that make them who they are. How they handle the trials and hardships in their stories determine what kind of hero they will be.

Is it almost ironic that with complete creative license I still create imperfect worlds…probably.

The only answer I can think of is…If I wrote a utopia; It would be very brief and very, very dull

Publication date February 29, 2012

ISBN 978-1-61235-312-8

Dis exists in silent rage. His human life was taken by a paranoid vampire and the centuries since have been spent in bloody darkness. He is a vampire, but he is a slave. He doesn’t let himself think or want. He survived on instinct until Beo. She liberates his body, but ensnares his heart. She is both more alive and more powerful than any being he has ever known. But will she be commanding ally or another master to enslave him? 
My thoughts

Solstice Night has everything you want in a paranormal romance. It is written fast paced with action, love, and paranormal beings like vampires, empaths and werewolves. And all those elements are wrapped in an exiting story that I had troubles with, putting down.  

Solstice Night is about Beo. She is a 14.000 year something. Not a vampire or Demon but a paranormal someting that is strange enough to exists for all those years. When she is on a journey to warn someone, she meets the man of her life- the mute Canis and frees him from the hands of his evil vampire master. That results that Canis takes revenge by slaying his Ex-master and becoming the new vampire-chief of Detroit. While finding out who initially wanted to kill his master, Canis (now called Dis) finds himself drawn to Beo. Even he doesn’t know what she is, but except her as she is.   

I look forward to read more about Beo. I didn’t know which character I liked better, Beo or Dis. Both main characters are written with great emotion and depth with both there own story/history that made them who they are now. If your a fan or Chicagoland Vampires or the books written by Ilona Andrews you definitely going to enjoy this book from (for me a new author) B.C. Sirrom. … p.s. I really have to ask her first name because writing the name B.C. Sirrom really sucks in a review, now i know how many times i actually want to use the name of the author 🙂

Happy birthday Sirrom 🙂
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