Guest Post and Giveaway: Tangled Hunger by Tina Christopher


One Heroine’s Journey: From Ordinary to Extraordinary

I love a kick-ass heroine. Don’t you?
I love a heroine who can swing a sword, shoot a gun, and kick a guy in the satellites without breaking a sweat. These kick-ass heroines make for a fantastic and exciting read. Give me Kate Daniels (Ilona Andrews), Mercy Thompson (Patricia Briggs) or Raine Benares (Lisa Shearin) and I’ll hunker down with their adventures, racing to the end of the book, then sorry that it’s over.
But not every heroine starts out kick-ass. Sometimes watching a shy, uncertain woman blossom into a strong, take-no-crap heroine makes for a delicious, relatable read. Wouldn’t we all like to leave behind our doubts and fears and take on the villain? To win the hero and save the day?
An ordinary woman caught up in extraordinary events is a relatable heroine. She’s you and she’s me. We can be with her every step of the way when someone she loves is in danger and she has to be strong, has to do the impossible.
I love the moment when the heroine discovers she has far more power than she ever imagined. Don’t you?
Tanasha Omeiko, the heroine of my latest release, Tangled Hunger, is such a woman. In her world, status and power stem from one’s magical Gift. But sadly, Tanasha has none. She’s always felt substandard, second rate, closed off. But when her best friend falls into mortal danger, she’s forced to partner with a difficult and dangerous man. He’s the only one who can help her find her strength and the power within her, to save her friend. To save the world.
Come enjoy Tanasha’s story. Watch her grow as a person and a warrior. You’ll never want to let her go.

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Blurb: Tangled Hunger by Tina Christopher
Tanasha Omeiko is powerless—an unusual and undesirable state for a Naema whose society deems power essential. She struggles to find her place, shunned by all but her best friend, Sydney. When that friend di
sappears, Tanasha suspects Sydney’s husband is responsible. To prove him guilty, Tanasha turns to cocky and sexy Vampire PI Duncan O’Clare.

Duncan distrusts Naemas, but when sweet and curvy Tanasha walks into his office, he’s instantly drawn to her. She makes him feel things he hasn’t in years—intrigued, enchanted…inflamed.

Tanasha isn’t sure what she feels. Lust and distrust make uneasy bedfellows when she and Duncan pose as lovers to spy on Sydney’s husband. Thrown way out of her comfort zone, Tanasha must decide if she wants to make this charade reality, risking her heart on a man so far out of her league he could be in another dimension. But Duncan surprises her at every turn.

Then she discovers not only her heart depends on her link to Duncan, but also the fate of the galaxy.

Talk about trouble.

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Copyright © TINA CHRISTOPHER, 2012
All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.
Duncan felt as if he’d stepped into one of his hottest daydreams. Touching her black-gold wings, their texture like the richest silk and the softest angora, had need spiraling tighter and tighter inside him. Having her tell him that her wings were an extension of her body and could drive her even higher? Talk about fulfilling a fantasy.
He’d purposely given her the upper hand, needing her to make the decision to take that next step. He hadn’t expected the roof of his head to blow off and for him to be one step away from coming in his pants.
Her response to his telekinetic touch of her wings flashed through him. He only stroked them with his mind, but their texture and amazing feel were ingrained in him until the end of his days. Desperate arousal clenched every muscle in his body.
They’d both decided breathing was overrated, keeping their lips glued to each other. Her taste of cinnamon and spice went straight to his head. He tried to find skin, but she seemed to wear more clothes than a quartet of Old Earth actors.
span style=”background-color: transparent; color: black; font-family: ‘Times New Roman’; font-size: 16px; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;”>Duncan grappled with the smock she wore over her pants, trying to find the bottom so he could pull it up, but bending his knees resulted in her pussy rubbing across his cock, causing a maelstrom of pleasure. He had to close his eyes for a moment.
Tanasha began to pant and rub up and down his dick. Deep, throaty sounds escaped her as she came closer to her orgasm. Duncan gave up on finding skin, pulled her leg higher around his hip so she fit more snugly against him.
His free hand went to her back, to her wings in addition to his mind touch. As soon as he focused on the center of her back she screamed. The middle was more sensitive. Duncan thrust against her clothed pussy and rubbed the palm of his hand up and down her feathers while teasing her strong outer feathers with his power.
He clenched his teeth against his own need, but somehow watching her climb to the peak filled him with satisfaction, despite the pain in his groin.
Tanasha clenched her leg around his hip, pulling him tightly against her wet pussy. Her hands gripped his shirt like a lifeline and her lids dropped shut. Duncan caught the scream of her release with his mouth.
She slumped against him, her pulse a temptation at the base of her throat, her eyes still closed. He wanted to see what color they turned in the throes of passion. He gently let down her leg and tightened his embrace.
Duncan couldn’t remember ever feeling this sense of contentment before. His balls were about to fall off and his cock would forever wear the impressions of the insides of his trousers, but it didn’t matter. Holding this woman, this Naema, in his arms gave him more satisfaction than any previous night of passion.
And an invisible strand of energy connected them.
That made no sense at all. In the back of his mind childhood memories wanted to jump up and grab him, but he wouldn’t allow it.
The thought was pure myth and he wouldn’t spend any more time worrying about it. Finding the second half of your soul was as likely as winning the Galactic Lottery. Those odds were actually better. He’d searched for his lifemate as a young Vampire, tried to figure out if Fate had a system by talking to countless pairs, but came up empty every time.
Tanasha stirred against him, her long lashes fluttering, her black eyes slumberous. For the first time he saw behind her composure, the mask she wore in public. Gratification filled her smile.
At least until she blinked a few times and began to focus on his face. As expected, the little Naema turned bright red and tried to pull back from him, but Duncan had no intention of letting her put distance between them. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but he knew he wanted her like no other woman before. Naema or not.
Now he just had to persuade her to allow the heat to run its course. He sighed. Going by the emotions darkening her eyes, that would be as easy as a walk out of an airlock.
Tanasha couldn’t believe what had just happened. How the Jade could she have let go like that? Not only did he see her wings, but he touched them as well.
And it had been the best experience of her life.
She’d had a number of long-term relationships when she was younger. They’d grown few and far between once she’d realized the men didn’t really want her. They wanted to use her to get to her father or wanted to say they fucked the freak.
She’d never felt close enough to any of them to share her wings. Why the Jade would she let a Vampire touch them? And why had it felt better having sex fully clothed with him than naked with another man?
Tanasha wanted to rub her head and crawl into a corner to figure things out, but they didn’t have time. She shoved her confusion and worry behind the door he’d told her to envision. Then she straightened her shoulders and attempted to take a step back.
He didn’t let go.
Of course he had to make things difficult. “Please let go.”
“Only if you agree to have dinner with me tonight.”
Her eyebrows rose. “You don’t eat.”
“But you do and it is something normal dating people do, go out to dinner,” he explained.
“We don’t have time.”
“You collapsing from hunger won’t help.”
Tanasha tried to escape again but he’d locked his hands behind her back, beneath her wings. She pushed against his chest to get a little space between them. He didn’t give her much.
“I don’t think it would be a good idea to make this mistake even bigger than it already is,” she said. Tension spread through his body. “The last few days have been difficult and my emotions got the better of me. How about we file this unfortunate occurrence under client privileges and move on.”

His gaze narrowed and he released her. “I know you said your wings end up in an alternative dimension, but you didn’t mention your brain followed suit. Did you not just erupt in my arms like a volcano? Once we make it between the sheets we’ll set the planet on fire.”