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Cover reveal: SEALED WITH A CURSE by Cecy Robson

Cover reveal of Cecy’s first novel SEALED WITH A CURSE!
SEALED WITH A CURSE debuts Dec. 31, 2012 in mass market paperback and ebook format with Penguin’s Signet Eclipse.

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My name is Iris. I am a mom (2 kiddies) and Art Director and I love to read books with a Happy Ever After. I launched Paranormal Cravings in 2010. But I first began reviewing books years ago on my old .blogger website. My bookshelf links to my Goodreads account, where you can check out over 900 of my book reviews. Besides being a book reviewer am I also an Art Director with over 17 years of experience in Design, Social Media Design, Internet Design, Social Media Marketing, Book Tours and other Online Book Promotions. On this website we offer related features, reviews, giveaways, interviews, guest posts and so much more. With PC BOOK TOURS we help authors promote their books online on all media. This fantastic service gives authors the exposure they deserve and offers bloggers more readers for their blogs.


  1. Iris
    Iris August 22, 13:58
    Indd a beautiful cover, can't wait to read this new series :)
  2. susanwingate
    susanwingate August 22, 13:58
    What a beautiful cover design, Cecy.
  3. sandro
    sandro August 22, 13:58
    Beautiful cover indeed! The details make it mysterious and enticing!
  4. Kihahp
    Kihahp August 22, 13:58
    What a beautiful cover!
  5. Marisa Cleveland
    Marisa Cleveland August 22, 13:58
    Fabulous cover! Absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait!
  6. Cecy Robson
    Cecy Robson August 22, 13:58
    Thank you to Iris for featuring my debut cover and to everyone who stopped by!
  7. Amanda Carlson
    Amanda Carlson August 22, 13:58
    Great cover!! Can't wait to read the series.
  8. Jen J. Danna
    Jen J. Danna August 22, 13:58
    Absolutely gorgeous! Love the mood it sets and Celia looks kick ass. Can't wait!
  9. Macy Beckett
    Macy Beckett August 22, 13:58
    Damn, that's one FINE lookin' cover! Congrats, Cecy!

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