Morningstar by Darcy Town


(Morningstar Trilogy #1)

Genre: Fiction / Paranormal Romance / YA
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When she meets Belial, Dahlia can’t wish for a better distraction from life. But a fun night of drinking turns bizarre when Belial introduces Dahlia to Lucien and the rest of her friends, men who are exceedingly rich, in short supply of morals, overflowing with violent tendencies, and interested in everything about her. Dahlia is charmed by her new friends, but something about them seems strangely familiar and it should. Lucien is Lucifer Morningstar, his friends are fallen angels, and Dahlia is no ordinary woman; she is the very reason they were tossed out of Heaven. She is the reincarnated spirit of Lucifer’s equal and former lover, the imprisoned Primangel Ladriam. Within her, lies the power to restart and win the war against Heaven, but first she needs to survive dating the devil.
My Thoughts: 

What if you have your average day to day life..(that sucks) and you find out that the man your falling in love with is actually the devil, the fallen angel Lucifer? “Morningstar” is really a great story and absolute a tease as first book of this trilogy what promises to be an exciting addition to the Paranormal Readers World. It got me hooked from the beginning and was hard to put down. Darcy has given me a unique world with the modern setting, dialogue and crack-me-up jokes and with the paranormal elements/characters like fallen- and guardian angels, protection of a human good luck charm, Genon’s and more.

Darcy Town has written a fast-paced story full of love, betrayal, games and full force action. I did miss a few things/answers in Morningstar because the story ended with a huge cliffhanger, but Darcy guaranteed me that all the mystery in Morningstar will be explained in the next book(s) Evenstar and Daystar 🙂 


“Lucifer looked over her shoulder. “What?”

Dahlia cleared her throat. “You stupid bitch, I hate you and love you. Do not wear anything Patience gave you, it’s all ugly. I am going to write on every single blank page. Ha-ha! Love, the Faithful slut.”

Lucifer scowled. “That person was mean to you.”
Dahlia grinned. “No way, Faith was funny. I was the bitch, she was the slut, and Patience was the crack whore.”  ― Darcy Town, Morningstar

This trilogy is exiting and addicting and i believe if you like books by Allison Moulton or the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews you definitely going to enjoy reading Morningstar by Darcy Town.

The reviews of readers on the Goodreads website says Darcy Town is getting better and better with each book of the Morningstar Trilogy. I haven’t read book 2 and 3 yet but i absolutely believe them. I can’t wait to begin with book 2 it is now top priority on my to-read list!

Happy reading!

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