The Lady is a Vamp by Lynsay Sands


(Argeneau, #17)

On sale date: 31 july 2012
ISBN:  9780062078070
Paranormal Romance, Fiction / Romance
Review Copy from Edelweiss

My Thoughts/review
“This new book of the Argeneau series is tough with fun vampire comedy that keep readers coming back for more.!” 
The lady is a Vamp, The Vamp in this case is Jeanne Louise a gorgeous vampire scientist who finds herself kidnapped by one desperate and handsome “geek” father. He only has one goal in mind and that is to persuade Jeanne Louise to stay and help him, which is not easy if she just woke up chained to your bed. Jeanne Louise has set her mind on escaping but what she didn’t expected was to find her life mate. 

Now she has to choose. What will it be escape or see what her life mate-to-be has in mind? The Lady is a Vamp is not Lynsay’s best book it takes a while to get in to it and is different than others from the Argeaneau series The Lady is a Vamp is of more serious nature and has not as much vamp-fun as usual.

Minus: The name “Jeanne Louise” is very annoying to read if it pops up few times on each page! But maybe that will change in the final print!
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